4Gb SD Card Problems

  VideoSentry 13:32 05 Sep 2007

I have recently bought a 4Gb SD card to use in my camera,though when trying to read the card I have to use the camera on the USB link as nothing else works -4 seperate computers,4 separate card readers and variations of all.Any ideas anyone?

  A-Nonymous 13:55 05 Sep 2007

So what you're saying is that your camera can't read you're memory card?

  mgmcc 13:57 05 Sep 2007

Just a guess but Windows may have a problem reading a 4GB drive which has been formatted as FAT (FAT16) which is what a camera uses.

I've just run FDISK on a hard drive and it indicates that Windows cannot format a single drive larger than 2GB as FAT, it must use FAT32, so its possible that it also cannot use a FAT16 drive larger than 2GB.

  g0nvs 14:27 05 Sep 2007

4gb SD card will be HC (high capacity). To read these you will need a HC reader, (SDHC). Normal readers will not work.

  nerawan 00:18 06 Sep 2007

My 4 Gb card is formatted with 32 FAT. but I use only USB cable.No any problem

  VideoSentry 08:03 06 Sep 2007

A-Nonymous: The camera has no problem.
g0nvs: I will try and find one ( it is SDHC )

Yet again thanks and I will post a solution when(if) I find one.


  Bagsey 08:11 06 Sep 2007


  VideoSentry 15:52 10 Sep 2007

Many thanks to you g0nvs bought a SDHC reader and it works!

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