4GB SD Card

  Newuser4165 20:12 21 Jul 2009

My colleague is unable to read her 4GB Sandisk memory card provided with her Ixus camera using the inbuilt sd card reader on her pc.It can't be read on my pc either using a USB2 card adapter. We are both using Win XP SP2.

Can someone help out please?

  MAT ALAN 20:26 21 Jul 2009

leave it in the camera and connect that to your PC if it doesn't read from there it may be faulty...

  julius44 20:47 21 Jul 2009

hello, there there are some pcs that cannot handle 4Gb memory cards straight from the pc....is the mem card a SDHC card??? U may need to get a multi format card reader......or as MAT ALAN said connect the camera striaght to the pc with the USB. I have the same problem with m pc...it can only handle 2Gb SD card.......but with the card reader it handles anything

  Wuggy 20:51 21 Jul 2009

If the PC is more than a couple of years old the card reader will probably read only SD cards. A 4GB card is SDHC (high compression) and will not be recognised by the reader. I had a similar problem with an 8GB SDHC card and bought a card reader the size of a USB pen drive from Amazon for about £2. Problem solved.

  MAT ALAN 20:54 21 Jul 2009

good info julius44 thanks for that, found this it may help...

click here

  julius44 21:30 21 Jul 2009

Yeb MAT ALAN and myself r totally correct. New user4165 will need to purcahse a multi-format card reader that also reads SDHC cards well. Without that they wont be able to read the 4gb card. SDHC card readers are really cheap for under a tenner!!!

  Newuser4165 08:58 22 Jul 2009

Thanks for the input everybody.
The card is a 4GBSDHC card - one of the readers is about 2 years old.However, the other reader is only about 2 months old and was purchased from ebuyer.I'm surprised that this one can't read the card.
I'll get a new SDHC card reader - can anyone recommend a reliable one.

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