4GB RAM showing as 3GB on Vista.... HELP!!!

  keno1210 16:27 22 Nov 2007


I have just inserted 2x 2GB sodimm pc2 4200 533mhz modules in my new laptop and in bios it shows both cards are working with 2048mb in each channel....

now when in Vista home premium this only shows 3GB is available!!! where has the other 1GB gone!?!?

Im running Vista home Premium - could this be part of the problem?! - its the 32-bit edition...

My processor is the intel core duo T2350 - 32bit architecture - i think.. so dont think it will allow me to upgrade to the 64bit OS...

any help and advice is much appreciated!!!

  donki 16:40 22 Nov 2007

I think only the Ultimate Edition of Vista can use 4GB, I could be wrong thou.

  Totally-braindead 16:46 22 Nov 2007

It has to be 64 bit Vista or 64 bit XP to see more than 4 gig, otherwise it will see it as less as it also includes graphics memory in the amount of memory it can support.
If you look in the Vista Forum its discussed there.

  skidzy 16:47 22 Nov 2007
  DieSse 16:48 22 Nov 2007

Here's as good an explanation as I've seen

click here

  keno1210 16:50 22 Nov 2007

thanks - yeah i noticed that myself but only on the 64bit architecture version?!.... but that will only work on a 64bit architecture processor if im not mistaken?!?!

  keno1210 16:50 22 Nov 2007

Thanks people!!!!!!!

  LABMAN 16:53 22 Nov 2007

Totally-braindead has hit it on the nail kenno1210.

I'm afraid that any 32 bit operating systems no matter what variation it is will be unable to recognise more than about 3.5gig of ram and that includes all memory on the PC/Laptop.

My system has 4 X 1gb ram chips and yet shows up as only having 3.5GB.

  keno1210 17:07 22 Nov 2007

Thanks guys - much appreciated - wished id found this forum earlier - been doing research for hours on the net and just going round in circles!!! lol kind regards!!!!!!!!!!!

  keno1210 18:37 22 Nov 2007

in your professional opinion - would i be better off removing the 2GB module and replacing with a 1GB module - just wondering if the system keeps this extra gig back and doesnt display it but uses it for something?!

the 2GB module i can remove will fit in my sisters laptop which needs an update so money wont be lost...

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