44.xx detonator drivers

  pookie 13:33 27 Jun 2003

hi guys

i'm using 41.xx drivers for my ti4200 card as i tried 43.xx drivers but 3d 2001 score went down alot. I haven't seen any posts on 44.xx drivers. Any views, any differences to 3d scores?



  pookie 19:30 27 Jun 2003

refreshed for evening crew


40.72's and am more than happy...

From what i have tried though, they dont make any difference...

Stick with what ya know..

  citadel 19:58 27 Jun 2003

guru3d.com has a section on det drivers.

  froggg 23:02 27 Jun 2003

why dont you just try them-live a little.use system restore,try each version,compare.they do say newer is faster by 25%-ha!

  pookie 12:30 30 Jun 2003

hi and sorry for delay in my reply.

As an update- I have installed 43.xx and 3dscore 2001 is more or less the same as under 41.xx. However, some images under 3dscore test do seem shaper but otherwise no difference that I can see.


  pinka 12:50 30 Jun 2003

have tried all drivers from nvidia site from early 30's and benchmarked with 3dmark 2001se and the 44.xx was just slightly slower than 43.xx but found both to be better than any previous with my ti4200

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