425w peak load. What does this mean?

  yfas29 17:08 09 Jan 2006


I'm looking at buying a new PSU and am considering the 350w Hiper HPU4S350. It is rated as a 350w unit but states a 425w peak load. Can someone please explain what this means?


  Stuartli 17:16 09 Jan 2006

It's presumably capable of supplying up to 425watts if the circumstances demand it without tripping.

I found out a few months ago (after buying a new 500w PSU, that my original Enermax PSU that came with the case I bought six or seven years ago, was only 100w rather than the 235w I had believed all along.

Even so it coped with an amazing variety of components without complaining - the benefit of having a quality product.

The only reason I changed it was because a new graphic card's manual revealed that a 300w (and preferably 350w) PSU was required...:-)

My 26-year-old NAD 7030 tuner/amplifier has a similar feature in that it can deliver up to +3dB overload outputs to the speakers without "clipping".

It's a 30w per channel amplifier but has 60w output transistors to cope with such transient bursts.

  Totally-braindead 17:30 09 Jan 2006

As Stuartli has said it is the maximum it can put out. However I would point out that if you run it in a system that needed more than the 350w it is rated at then you would be forcing the power supply to work harder than it was designed to do and therefore it would probably not last as long as it would if you ran it at the correct rating.

  yfas29 17:46 09 Jan 2006

Thanks guys,

Ihad an idea that was what it meant, but thought I'd just make sure. :-)

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