403 Forbidden access

  carper 11:48 05 Nov 2007

On Internet Explorer I get the message error 403 Access denied. Questions on the forum page do not seem to cover my problem which seems to have appeared since I added Adblock plus. in Firefox. Can someone tell me how to remove this and revert back to the original without the addons. If I uninstalled Firefox to start afresh, would I be able to get back on the net with Internet Explorer. I am running XP Home SP2
Any help appreciated Regards Carper

  Jak_1 12:38 05 Nov 2007

error 403 Access denied usualy indicates that a page is down, having problems. Sometimes a pass is required for the site etc.
click here

  carper 13:08 05 Nov 2007

Thanks Jak_1 but mine is a 403 error, not 404 as your link. Carper

  sebina12 13:17 05 Nov 2007

I found this:
click here
You might find the answer on this page.

  sebina12 13:22 05 Nov 2007

I also found this in relation to removing the add-ons:
click here
When you start up internet explorer, it should ask you if it is the default browser and if not, if you would like to make the default. Or you could simply copy the URL of the site that you can't view into Internet Explorer to view it, so maybe you don't have to uninstall Firefox. At least this is what I used to do, but it is up to you what you would like to do.

  aine 19:15 05 Nov 2007

Go to firefox ,tools addons, when you highlight Adblock plus. Uninstall should appear.

  [email protected] 19:40 05 Nov 2007

the firefox add on wont effect internet explorer.
Have you installed a adblocker in ie?

  carper 10:05 06 Nov 2007

Thanks to all
aine I was obviously wrong about the Adbloc
Raven, No I don't seem to have any blockers which I have installed. Only addons used by MS are shown.
I don't normally use Internet Explorer, it's just that where there is a link from a website which uses IE I get the forbidden error.
Regards Carper

  brundle 10:15 06 Nov 2007

Can you post a link to the problem page? It might not be your system at all

  carper 11:38 06 Nov 2007

Hi Brundle. This is the link which appears in the address line when the forbidden access page is shown

click here

Hope this can help. I have to log off now till this evening. Regards Carper

  [email protected] 18:01 06 Nov 2007

Hi carper,
I get the "welcome to internet explorer page" from your link.
http :// runonce.msn.com /runonce2. aspx
this is the page where you choose IE7 settings for the first time of use.
If you open up internet explorer,run at once or similar is normally first page displayed in the search bar.This is where you are required to set ie up as though your using it for very first time.
If you dont every time ie opens this page opens up before any other ,homepage included.
open up internet explorer 7, if the page displays correctly,try choosing the settings,default etc.
This may explain your problem,but its only an educated guess.Sorry dont understand why it comes up as 403 error unless the settings page has been blocked in some way?
You could also try setting ie7 back to default settings if the above doesnt work out
tools>internet options>advanced>reset.

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