3DMark03 Low Score

  Baffled1 12:11 12 May 2004

I seem to get a low score on this test of 3714.My system is AMD64 2.03MHz,ATI AIW 9800 SE graphics card with 128 MB ram ,512MB pc3200 Ram with an ASUS K8V SE Deluxe M/b and 150GB Sata HD.

Good scores seem to be in the 5000 range for this processor and graphics set up so im wondering if something fundamental is not set up right.I'm not overclocking the graphics card or anything like that,i did the test out of curiosity but now i'm wondering.

  Mack69 12:17 12 May 2004

Try Passmark 5.0 at click here for a 30 day trial. It's a more elementary test than 3D mark, but it's quick and should give you a score of at least 250 for your setup.

  byfordr 12:18 12 May 2004

I suspect its because your graphics card doesn't have much criminal credibility as far as the bench marks go. Whilst it is not a bad card, the se is a under powered version of the 9800. The better cards are the pro, or the xt. The benchmarks are geared to heavy graphics etc which the more power cards are more suited to.


  Rigga 12:20 12 May 2004


You could always try softmodding from this site.. around 50% of the 9800SE cards will run as full 9800 cards with no artifacts...

click here


  Baffled1 12:29 12 May 2004

Thanks for the input,,i love "criminal credibility" !! Rigga,if my card is one of the 50 percent not work without artifacts,is the softmod reversable...reinstall?

  Rigga 12:42 12 May 2004

yeah it's just drivers.. there's details on the site.. if you read down the FAQ.. it should explain all..


  rickimalone 13:20 12 May 2004

The score you have posted is around right for you card...No problem there.
The 5000+ scores are for Radeon 9800 pro's the SE does'nt perform that level unless clocked.

  inneedofhelp 14:31 12 May 2004

i wouldnt worry, i have an athalon 2800xp , with a 9800xt (780M ram) and my score is 6234.I would expect though you should be getting about 5000ish

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