3d mouse cursor

  marble 21:01 17 Mar 2003

I installed a program which has a black background and the cursor is black so does not show - I was told to get over the prob. by changing the mouse cursor to the 3d one - works beautifully!

However, my little problem is :

The program is also on another of our computers (yes - it is legal - it is freeware) with the same result (black screen and black cursor) but the option to choose 3d cursor is just not in the list in Control Panel - Mouse - Pointer - at all!!

O/s - Win98SE and Graphics - GeForce2 MX400 (for both machines).

I know we could try an updated graphics driver - but don't want to go down that route at this particular time.

I'd really like for the other machine to change its cursor to the 3d one and don't understand why that machine does not show option for us to use it.

Is there something on the Windows 98SE disk that didn't install properly or something?

Any suggestions as to how to get that machine to have the option to use 3d Pointer? (I am assuming that the 3d Pointer is a standard item offered by Windows 98SE !).

Thanks for your patience in listening.


  AndySD 21:21 17 Mar 2003

Have a look in Ad/Remove programs in the Windows componants.

  PIII Man 21:50 17 Mar 2003

i beleive in win 98 they have a thing under add/remove programs windows setup tab that lets you install a bunch of stuff for wallpappers and mouse currsors called "windows themes". thats my best guess.

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