3D graphics card

  User-9753F7E2-19B6-4A1F-BE839BC0FC7E6CF3 21:29 13 Feb 2004

I have just installed an AGP 3D graphics card into my system as it use to run with on board graphics which were not 3D. Taking into account that my system is not big the processor being only 700Hz I have only put a small 3D card in and for some reason certain software ie, flight simulator 2000 even though it stating on the box 3D card required is not running and coming up with an error message runtime380. Should I have a larger card in say a Geforce 4 eg. If anyone can help please let me know.

  MichelleC 22:02 13 Feb 2004

What ram and os have you?

  DieSse 22:13 13 Feb 2004

More to the point, what graphics card have you put in?

the memory I have installed is 256Mb and the operating system is XP professional

  DieSse 08:54 14 Feb 2004

"Should I have a larger card"

Larger then what?

Please tell us some more, we can't guess what you're trying to do.

the system I have is a intel celeron 700Hz processor a 20Gb hardrive 256Mb memory and the graphics card I have installed is a savage4-LT AGP adapter for some reason the software flight simulator 2000 keeps running a runtime error 380 then closing the program down do you think I would be better installing a larger graphics card

  DieSse 15:49 14 Feb 2004

Try the latest driver for your Savage4 card click here

Your system should run FS2000 OK - I've seen it running OK on lesser systems.

If you've got a Via chipset based motherboard, also get the latest chipset drivers click here as they fix speed and AGP/IDE/USB issues

  Cybermaxx 15:51 14 Feb 2004

Are the drivers for the graphics card up to date?

Is Flight Simulator 2000 compatible with Windows XP (check the game's packaging)? If it isn't, you may need to use the Compatibility Wizard (which is part of Windows XP) to emulate an earlier version of Windows. Another alternative could be a patch for Flight Simulator 2000 (that's how I got the game Unreal to work with Windows XP).

By the way, how old is this Savage graphics card you have? How much memory does it have? It may not be good enough to run the game properly.

Several possibilities, I know, but sometimes it's tricky to get PC games to run!

  SANAP 15:53 14 Feb 2004

mac for all games/sims the bigger graphics card u can afford the better and the fsater the PC. I am running a geforce 256 32mb vdeo card on a pentium 3 700e cpu and CALL OF DUTY will not run, even though I match the spec. It seems u have to have a very recent pc to get things to work. Which is a pity. One way of getting us to upgrade.


  Cybermaxx 16:01 14 Feb 2004

SANAP, it's always best to have AT LEAST the recommended specification when running any game. Minimum specifications should be ignored.

Thanks to everyone for your help, have soughted the trouble and I am upgrading my whole system in the near future probably to 3Gb and probably one of the new fx graphics cards 256Mb I think that will do the trick.
Anyway once again many thanks to you all.

Mac the Knife

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