3D Display Adapter and 3D Accelerator

  mcheathen 11:53 03 Jul 2008

Are they both one and the same thing or are they separate items which complement each other?

I've got this game which says on the outside of the box that a 16MB 3D display adapter is required. On the leaflet inside the box is says that a 3D accelerator is required.

While loading the game I get the message: "Windows has encountered a problem and will now shut down". I have all the other requirements such as memory, processor speed, etc. Not sure if I actually have a 3D display adapter or accelerator. Are these things hardware of software. If they are hardware, then how are they fitted into PC? If software, then where can I download from?

  Gordon999 12:09 03 Jul 2008

hi they are part and parcel of the same thing. basically without an adapter with 3D capabilities you won't be able to run your game.

Have a look at the back of your PC is the monitor cable attached to the motherboard ie the bit with all the ports etc or does it attach to a card which is in one of the slots. If its attached to your motherboard you don't have an adapter.

  nosharpe 12:25 03 Jul 2008

Sadly, it's probably time to buy a new or a more up to date used PC if you can't run a game requiring 16MB graphics card.
All graphics cards now days have 3d capabilities.

I'd guess your PC is about 10 years old now and buying parts for it may be difficult.

You can pick up PC's really cheap on ebay for £50 or less or look on click here.
You might even get a freebee there.

  mcheathen 14:35 03 Jul 2008

My monitor goes into a slot and my PC is only 5 years old. SO if I have the 3D display adapter is there any software that I need to go with it?

  MarvintheAndroid 20:39 03 Jul 2008

I don't think your error message is because of this. Probably the game is crashing for some other reason. Please post details of your pc and graphics card (it may be built in to the motherboard, or a separate card) and which operating system you have.

Also which game is causing the problem, it may have a known issue with your OS or need a patch.


  mcheathen 22:24 03 Jul 2008

Yes Marv I've been thinking the same thing. MY computer seems to be young enough for having a 3D display adapter, even if it never then it would be unlikely that a message would get sent to microsoft.

I just could not think of anything else that it could be? the PC is a 1.2GH emachine with 384MB RAM. Not sure what kind of graphics card I have, but the display adapter says that I have an Intel(R) 82810E Graphics Controller.

The game is 'Wanted Guns' by Fusion software.

  Gandalph 00:51 04 Jul 2008

384 MB of RAM isn't a lot to run today's modern games. If you can I would consider trying to upgrade it.

  mcheathen 01:09 04 Jul 2008

128MB is all that is required for this game!

  MCE2K5 02:54 04 Jul 2008

Silly Question this,

But have you got DirectX8.1 or later installed on your Computer.

  MCE2K5 03:04 04 Jul 2008

Just had a thought,

Download this, Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit (Version 7.2x) click here and run it.

In the Right hand Column, under Display, it will show what your Display Adapter is, Mine is an "NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS [Display adapter]".

Let us know what yours is.

  mcheathen 12:25 04 Jul 2008

Yes MCE2K5 I do have a later version of DirectX8.1. I think it is version 9.

Belarc Advisor tells me the same which I said earlier: Intel(R) 82810E Graphics Controller [Display adapter]

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