3D Accelerator Cards

  paulhicko 12:52 06 Mar 2006

My daughter bought a PC game - 'The Movies' - without reading the minimum system reqs and wonders why it won't work.

Reqs include 3D Hardware Accelerator Card and 'Direct X compatible 32MB hardware T&L-capable video card'. My PC is pretty up to date but doesn't have these.

Would it be worth my while buying these? Would I get the use out of them apart from this game?

If so, where would be the best place to buy them? And does anybody have any experience of fitting them?


  keef66 13:50 06 Mar 2006

All that lot means is you need a basic graphics card. The game isn't very demanding, so I'm surprised it doesn't run on your pc if it is as you say pretty up to date.

Can you post details of your pc spec and operating system before we send you on a shopping spree?

  keef66 15:52 06 Mar 2006

Had a look at the game requirements; it's a bit more demanding than your original post suggested. Onboard graphics are unlikely to run it, you do need a separate graphics card.
First you need to determine whether your motherboard has the neccessary expansion slot, and whether it is PCI, AGP, or PCI-express (in order from oldest to most recent) Many people come unstuck at this point because their Dell desktops cannot be upgraded.
If you do have a free expansion slot, from the list of supported graphics cards I'd recommend the Nvidia 6200 as being up to date and fairly cheap.

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