3D accelerator card for Time computer

  Scowegian 11:50 28 Mar 2005

My grandson has been given a Time Optima computer with a Celeron D processor 320 with Prescott core, 256k cache, 533MHz bus, 2.4 GHz clock and 256M DDR ram. When we loaded a game a splash sign came up saying a 3D accelerator card is required. I have looked in various sites [dabs, redstore etc] and find the prices vary from £25 to astronomical and I believe that it has got to be the right sort of card or it will not work. Has anyone got a suggestion as to what a suitable card [cheap] for his computer would be?

  citadel 12:04 28 Mar 2005

3d accellerator is a graphics card, the best mid range card by a mile is the 6600gt, this will play all modern and older games in high detail and good framerates.

  bremner 12:09 28 Mar 2005

This would be a good value card click here @£40

You need to check that the computer has an AGP slot and I have a feeling that Tiny may have a closed case warranty policy - i.e. you would invalidate the warranty by opening the box to insert the card.

Daniel Warren Granville Technology [email protected] is the Tiny representative on this forum he will know for sure.

  Scowegian 19:55 29 Mar 2005

Thanks to you both for your help.

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