3COM megahurtz 10mbps lan card - drivers

  BIG ben strikes 10 16:14 14 Aug 2004

hi all,i have bought a lan card off ebay see title.and i have downloaded the drivers for windows 95.when i click on (*.exe) driver it start ms-dos says would you like to over write such and such.i type Y for all of them.and it finishes.and does nothing more.and when i look in device manager it shows no network adaptors.please help.thanks

  Valvegrid 20:11 14 Aug 2004

I think you'll have to unpack the exe file to a folder first. Then if you go to device manager again and update the driver and when the computer asks for the disk, point it to the inf file in the folder you've unpacked the driver in.

  BIG ben strikes 10 23:48 14 Aug 2004

thankyou for your response.how do i unpack the file?.thanks alot mate.

  Valvegrid 07:35 15 Aug 2004

I've been re-reading your post a couple of times, I'm not sure why its asking to overwrite anything.

Normally with drivers, if you make a new folder called say 3com and put the exe file into it, when you double click on the exe file it unpacks files within the new folder. One or more of the files should have a inf extension to the file name, this is usually what the computer needs to install the driver when you run the wizard to update the driver.

I'm doing this from memory, so forgive me if I miss anything. Go to device manager, it should show a device in the list with a yellow exclamation mark and a label 'unknown device' if you double click on it a window opens.

I think you'll have to go along the tabs, what you are looking for is 'update driver' button, when you find it, click on it, when you start the wizard it asks if you want windows to search for a driver, say no.

It then asks if you want to pick from a list, if you say yes, you'll be given a list of hardware, 3com should be amongst them, but probably not you particular card, it that case click the button 'have a disk' another window opens which always defaults to A: drive, the wizard normally asks for an inf or vxd file, use the browse button to navigate to the new 3com folder you first made and the wizard should find the file it wants.

I may have missed something out, but I think you should get the general idea, lets us know how you get on.

  Valvegrid 07:41 15 Aug 2004

Just one last thought, are you sure it's a Win95 driver and not a DOS driver? I which case ignore my monologue and shut Windows down and start the computer in DOS and try installing it from there. Close the computer and re-boot and keep tapping the Del key till you see a menu appear and select 'start at command prompt' then try running the exe file from there.

  BIG ben strikes 10 10:39 15 Aug 2004

your right about the folders there are license documents,security logs.there is a folder that says WIN_CE and inside there is a setup launcher should i try to install from there?.thanks alot valvegrid you have been exellent.ben

  BIG ben strikes 10 11:04 15 Aug 2004

i have tried "add hardware" and chose 3com i then selected have disk then it came up with some 3com devices i saw mine and clicked on it but it said the specified directory doesn't contain information about your hardware.thanks

  Valvegrid 14:08 15 Aug 2004

Sorry about the delay in getting back, I had familiy duties.

Were did you download the driver from? was it from here?:

click here

If it was, do you know the product code of your card? If you do, then make sure its supported in the list.

You could try the setup launcher, its probably another exe file, in which case it'll start with a wizard to walk you through the installation.

  BIG ben strikes 10 14:25 15 Aug 2004

yeah whilst you were gone i tried the setup launcher but it says: install <code for card> for CPU?.the only option is to click yes.it then says insert the driver disk?.what do i do.thanks alot mate mate you have been very helpfull

  Valvegrid 14:34 15 Aug 2004

Do you know what the product code is? In the <code for card> it probably wants you to type in the product code for the card, something like 3C589. That driver covers about 7 different cards and its asking which one you've got, did you check the link on my previous post to make sure you've got the correct driver?

  BIG ben strikes 10 14:52 15 Aug 2004

there is no place to type anything when i said <code> i ment 3C589 becouse i was unsure of the code.thanks mate

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