3com 54mbps usb adapter causes pc to hang

  gazza1961 22:45 07 Aug 2008

Hi all, I hope someone can please shed some light on this problem. I purchased the usb adapter for my kids pc, and old celeron with xp pro loaded and it worked great. I have recently upgraded her machine, new mb, processor etc, also with xp pro and it works great until I try to connect to the internet. I am using a wireless adsl router and via the wireless network all is great, files can be transferred etc no problem. i have created a broadband connection to allow internet connectivity and with a few minutes of being connected the PC freezes and can only be powered off / reset. I have downloaded the latest drivers for the adapter, motherboard and also have installed SP 3 but all to no avail. If anyone can suggest something else that I can try it will be great.

  Ashrich 00:23 09 Aug 2008

I would first of all look at the heat situation of the processor which is a primary source of PC's freezing . Using the internet uses extra processor cycles that raises temperature so that could be the reason it freezes up when online . Download a copy of Speed Fan and run it , that will give you the temps while running and a log for them as well , if you can eliminate heat as the cause then you can begin looking elsewhere .


  gazza1961 16:18 09 Aug 2008

Hi Ashley, thanks for the suggestion. I checked this out and the temperature is OK a constant +/- 42°. I must also add that if I connect the PC to the router via a lan cable, the PC runs like a dream, so it is really pointing to something with the adapter and the PPPOE connection. I am beginning to suspect it may be something with the BIOS. I am using a Foxconn mb with an Intel Celeron E1200 processor. I have not yet checked if there is a BIOS upgrade.

  Ashrich 20:53 09 Aug 2008

Are you using Windows to manage the connection , or the supplied utility that came with the adapter ?


  gazza1961 22:31 09 Aug 2008

Hi, i am using windows

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