Is 360w psu enough for this system??

  SpyMan²°°­­³ {:o)){--< 10:41 27 Jan 2004

I am ready to order my new pc and i'm using MESH, however i notice that they only use a 360psu with all their systems and this just doesn't seem enough.

If i chose a bottom end system with on-board everything then it would come with a 360w psu.....but i want to upgrade the specification on the machine to a very high level eg Radeon 9800XT, 2hdd's, audigy 2zs platinum....which all take up power.

Is a 360w psu enough??

I phoned MESH and the guy from sales didn't know much about it, so he give me a number for their service centre.....a foreign gentleman answered who could hardly speak a word of English and just tried fobbing me off, by saying 'it is more than enough' without asking what spec the machine was gonna be.

I personally think that the guy i spoke to was probably a very underpaid chinese a mesh callcentre in china.

  Chegs ® 11:08 27 Jan 2004

Its possibly just about enough for the spec of machine your thinking of putting together,but I would still get a 2nd higher powered psu.I have killed 2 400W psu's with 2xSATA,CD-RW/DVD-ROM/DVD-RW,2600 cpu,Ti4800 GC.

  A Cat Called George 11:12 27 Jan 2004

I have the following running happily on a 300W power supply

Asus a7v600 m/board
Athlon xp 3220+
1GB pc3200 ddr ram
Geforce fx5900 128MB ddr
1 ata100 7200rpm hdd
1 sata150 10000rpm hdd
sound card
dvd drive
cd/rw drive
usb mouse reciever and 2 usb gamepads (always on)

Seems to me 360W should be ok for you.

  A Cat Called George 11:15 27 Jan 2004

Sorry, that spec list was all typed and should have appeared on seperate lines.

  M@rk 11:37 27 Jan 2004

Try click here should give you a good idea

  MESH Support 11:50 28 Jan 2004

lol @ "probably a very underpaid chinese a mesh callcentre in china"

Sorry, the service centre line takes you through directly to the engineering floor. So it is likely that you happened to call when the only person free was one of the engineers rather than their admin team.

Regarding your query, the 360w has been tested for use with the specfication you have been supplied. We found it to be more than enough to run your hardware, as well as provide upgrade potential as well.

** M@rk **

I'm not personally sure about that calculator, it tells me that my minimum recommended power supply is 440 watts, and I've been running the same specification at home on a Mesh 360watt PSU for about a year or so now.


Mesh Support (

  M@rk 12:13 28 Jan 2004

is there enough power left to run Scanner printer cameras as most are usb now and most people forget to include them. Also a quote from the site concerned:

<<Please Note: The Wattages listed below are maximum potential wattages for each item. The total amount this calculator figures is for all devices running at peak utilization. It is important to bear in mind that this amount will never be reached under typical operation. However we feel that this tool will give you a better idea of how much power your system will need. After all when it comes to power, it is better to be safe than sorry.>>

  SpyMan²°°­­³ {:o)){--< 19:52 28 Jan 2004

Thanks Davey for guys seem to answer posts on this forum quicker than emails direct to yourselves as i am still waiting for a reply from you.

Just to clarify...i have gone ahead with the order and just hope that i do not suffer any computer failure because of this.



  SpyMan²°°­­³ {:o)){--< 19:52 28 Jan 2004

ps Thanks for advice from everyone else....much appreciated


  MESH Support 11:43 30 Jan 2004

I can't seem to find any email from you. If it's any easier, you can use the forum email option and I'll look into your query as soon as possible.


I noticed the disclaimer but felt that there was quite a jump from 360 to 440.

And I never thought about my printer and scanner, although they are rarely used at the same time.


Mesh Support

  hugh-265156 13:53 30 Jan 2004

this is interesting reading click here

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