360K 5¼" disc Drive for 5¼" Floppy discs.

  Wak 15:32 30 Sep 2009

Just been clearing out the loft and came across a 360K 5¼" disc drive (nicely packed in proper box) which used to be fitted in a Commodore PC10 computer.
Anyone interested before it goes to the tip??
Please use the yellow envelope if interested.

  wee eddie 17:37 30 Sep 2009

then it might have a "Collectible" value.

Could be worth putting on e-Bay

  Wak 20:37 30 Sep 2009

You might have a point there, Eddie, I'll check it out in the morning.

  Wak 17:06 01 Oct 2009

Nice box, Eddie, but from Parts Supplier - not from Commodore, and no literature!!
I can't see anyone having the old 360K floppy discs anyway, so it looks like a trip to the tip very soon.

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