35mm slides to digital

  Derek 06:51 01 Mar 2003

Like many I have hundreds of slides that I would like to view on the PC and store but....the cost appears very high for any sort of scanner.
I know this subject has been discussed before but I would welcome any advice from the 'enlightened'.
Many thanks in advance. DM

  Migwell 07:57 01 Mar 2003

Jessops do a reasonable slide coppier for just over £120.00. It is the Scan Express by Microteck. I bought one and it works just fine.
Also I have an Epson perfection 1250 now up dated to 1260 theu also do a photo version of that. Mine only cost £89.00 and works just as well as the Microteck Scan Express.

  Peter 10:39 01 Mar 2003


It all depends what resolution you want to scan at and what results you will be satisfied with. The Jessops scanner is 1800 dpi; others, much more expensive ones, are available up to 2700dpi, perhaps more. 1800 dpi is equivalent to scanning a 6" x 9" print at 300 dpi.

Remember that if you store the slide scans as bitmaps you will end up with quite large files. Approximate size will be 13.9 Meg for a 24 bit, 1800 dpi scan of a slide. Obviously the file size can be reduced by storing as JPEGs, but any alteration/restoration work should be done before the file is converted to a JPEG.


  bfoc 10:59 01 Mar 2003

It all depends on what you want to do with them.

If you 'just' want to view them on screen then a flat-bed scanner with a transparency adapter will work perfectly well. If you want to do enlargements of A4+ you might well want a dedicated film scanner.

Costs of a flatbed+transparency adapter will start at around £50 and for a dedicated film scanner will be from £100 upward.

But do check auction sites such as:
click here


Morgan Auctions
click here

Hope that helps

  Derek 11:57 01 Mar 2003

And many thanks.
My intention is to view them on my 19" screen mainly and perhaps I may want to print off the occasional 4" x 6" or 3" X 5", whatever.
Indeed I understand the room they may take up and this I will keep in mind. I'm presently using Paintshop Pro 7 and intend storing on CD's or a spare slave HD.
So if I wanted to achieve this and spend about £70, what would you all suggest.

Many thanks once again, what would we ilinformed do without you ?

  Derek 13:26 01 Mar 2003

I notice that the Epson 1260 comes with an adaptor for slides. My present Microtek Scanner 3700 also has an adaptor but, it's rather poor and Micotek suggest obtaining their more professional version - but where could I find it ?

I admit to a leaning towards Epson..is it "Photo" 1260 ?

  beeuuem 14:07 01 Mar 2003

The Canoscan 5000F can scan 3 slides at one pass and 8000F can do 12. Useful if you have a lot to do.
click here
The 8000F is reviewed in the latest edition of PCA (page 64 of issue 92)

  y_not 14:26 01 Mar 2003

I have just completed my very first slide show CD (SVCD) which I understand can be achieved with Nero (if you have that).

I used Pinnacle 8 and was able to include transitions, change the timings, add text (so I remember all the details) etc.

The CD auto runs on a DVD player and is a great way of viewing your photos without the fear of damaging them........I know this is away from your question but thought you might like to include the idea in the equation

Hope it helps



  Bingalau 14:38 01 Mar 2003

Costco are selling a scanner at the moment which has a slide/negative fitted. it is selling at about £90 ..sounds good to me..

  Pidder 14:57 01 Mar 2003

Anyone have any views on the HP SJ4570 which I gather does 4 negs at once and which has a res of 2400 x 2400? PCWorld had it on special at about £170.

  redelf 19:20 01 Mar 2003

Just remember that high-resolution scans from a more expensive, dedicated film scanner will also show up any blemishes on the slide, such as dust & scratches. The better scanners do come with software called ICE (I think it means Image Correction & Enhancement) but will mean a lot more fiddling about. So, you may want to think about what resolution you need.

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