3.5" floppy moved from drive A to drive B??????

  PC_HelpMe 21:24 25 Aug 2006

Strange, i have just installed my ByteStor 2GB USB Flash Drive for the first time on my computer (Windows XP Home Edition) and for some reason, my external floppy 3.5" drive which used to show up as drive A, has now moved to drive B, yet my Flash Drive shows up as drive E.

My questions are:-
1. Where has drive A disappeared to?
2. How can I change my external floppy from drive B back to drive A?


  PC_HelpMe 22:09 25 Aug 2006

I seem to have solved my own problem.......

On the front of my computer are 2 USB ports. When the floppy 3.5" drive in in one of those, it shows as drive A, but when i take it out of there and put it into a USB hub that I have (which is actually connected at the back of my computer), the floppy drive shows up as drive B.

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