3/3g USB dongle Help

  nobbyhigo 17:13 10 Mar 2010

my grandson has broken his 3 USB broadband dongle and i am looking for replacement i just dont understand the diffrenece, is 3 the same as 3g and can both be used
.A bit of information would help me
regards charles

  mgmcc 17:19 10 Mar 2010

"3G" is basically the third generation of mobile phone technology, but there is also the "3" network, alongside the other networks - O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile.

If grandson is going to continue using the SIM card from the broken dongle, then make sure the replacement is on the same network.

  nobbyhigo 17:28 10 Mar 2010

he is on the three network . so will a 3g dongle on "3" network be the right one thanks

  mgmcc 20:08 10 Mar 2010

Dongles on the Three network are 3G so there cannot be any confusion.

  nobbyhigo 07:52 11 Mar 2010

thank you all

  CHAIRLEG 08:00 10 May 2010

dongle is nomally free on 3 call in shop

  ronalddonald 14:49 11 May 2010

how did break it did crack it or break the sim card if it takes a sim card like the old ones do

  ronalddonald 14:51 11 May 2010

sorry i meant like the old mdem dongles they use to do that you insert a sim card inside.

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