33600 modem

  Legslip 13:36 26 Sep 2009

In Contol Panel/System/Device Manager my PC shows a standard 33600 modem. I have an xtl Belkin Bbd router. What is the modem and what is it for?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:55 26 Sep 2009

standard 33600 modem

you obviously have a dial up modem in your PC

you will have a socket for a RJ11 connector click here slightly smaller than the RJ45 connector on an ethernet cable.

  ambra4 14:07 26 Sep 2009

“What is the modem and what is it for?”

The modem is a dial up modem and it used to connect to the Internet when broadband service is not available

Not every one in the world have broadband access

“I have an xtl Belkin Bbd router”

A normal broadband modem will not show up in the computer device manager as it a external device

  Legslip 14:10 26 Sep 2009

Thanks Fruit Bat. It's all a bit strange. There is no RJ11 connector and the Belkin Router is plugged into the RJ45 skt. I have just received a large bill from BT for a dial up connection (even though I am on Brdbnd) but cannot see anything plugged into my BT line other than the Belkin Brdbnd router. When I get home I will open Internet Explorer, tools menu>internet
options>connections tab> and select "never dial a connection">apply>OK, if it is allowing dial up. But I just dont see how? Using Vista...

  Legslip 14:29 26 Sep 2009

Never heard of it but is it possible for the internal dial-up to dial out via the Ethernet Connection to the Xtl Belkin Router if the Bbnd connection goes down?

  DieSse 15:24 26 Sep 2009

"..is it possible....etc"

No - absolutely not.

  Stuartli 15:41 26 Sep 2009

In Device Manager, select the 33.6k dial-up modem>highlight>right click>Properties>General tab>drop down menu>Select Do Not Use This Device (disable) and OK.

  Legslip 17:19 26 Sep 2009

Hmmmmm. Thanks people. If there is a modem as Device Manager says, why is there no RJ11 connector visible? When I ordered the PC I asked for no modem (as I had a BBand Connection) and the invoice from Dell confirms this. DevManager definately says a Standard 33600 Modem is installed. All,very very odd.

  Sea Urchin 17:52 26 Sep 2009

Are you using BT as your broadband provider?

  Sea Urchin 17:53 26 Sep 2009

If so you can ask them where the dial-up charges are coming from.

  Legslip 18:13 26 Sep 2009

No, Orange/Wanadoo is my ISP but my BT bill has shown a lot of calls to the Orange dial up number. The only connection between the PC and the phone point is the Belkin Wireless router.
Internet options/Connections shows 'never use a dial up connection'. I am dumbfounded!!

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