32x CD-RW Disks

  Macaonasa 10:11 13 Aug 2004

My son has bought me a burner that rewrites at 32X. Anyone know if blanks are available yet?

  jonnytub 10:13 13 Aug 2004

blanks are available to write at much higher speeds than that, 52xspeed is more common place, however i always burn at 24 to save making coasters. ;-)

  jonnytub 10:16 13 Aug 2004

forget my post please i was refering to cd-rs, doh.

  Stuartli 10:21 13 Aug 2004

CD-RW disks are often unreliable enough in the 1-10x range (much poorer reflectivity levels than CD-Rs) to even consider 32x versions.

Better using a CD-R in multisession form until full - they can also be formatted if required.

  woodchip 10:21 13 Aug 2004

I have 24 speed CDRW disc's and 45 speed CDR

  sidecar sid 10:28 13 Aug 2004
  Stuartli 10:56 13 Aug 2004

45x CD-R is an unusual speed.

I once replaced a CD-RW rewriter for a pal which included 36x write speed - the more usual pattern for manufacturers was 32x to 40x.

  Macaonasa 11:41 13 Aug 2004

Thanks sidecar. Unfortunately the £11 pack costs £15 to get to N. Ireland! £26 in total.

  woodchip 15:29 13 Aug 2004

should have said 48 Speed

  Stuartli 15:42 13 Aug 2004

52x and 54x CD-Rs have been available for some considerable time...:-)

  woodchip 20:18 13 Aug 2004

Maybe but I am not going to throw away all my 48 speed blanks to get 2 or 4 speed difference. Doubt if I would see the difference anyway.

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