32gb HDD + FAT32

  linguina 01:49 22 Feb 2003

I read somewhere that FAT32 was created to work with hdd smaller than 32gb. I have 2 maxtor of 40gb each and win98sec and it seems running fine, where is the limitation then?

What I would like to do is to have win98 on my first hdd and winxp on the second. The problem is I'm going to buy a new graphic card (radeon 9700 pro or geforce fx ultra when it comes out) and I know that the first one doesn't support win98 (I don't know about the second one). Does that mean that I won't be able to boot in to 98 with the new card or that the card will only display default/basic settings?

  Djohn 02:03 22 Feb 2003

Yes I have just installed xp onto a 40 gig hard drive, (Maxtor). FAT 32, with no problems at all.

The manual with xp says something about only up to 32 gig, and I thought I may have to partition the drive, will have to look into this further, unless someone comes up with the answer.

1 O/S on one drive, and a different one on the other is fine. Not sure about the graphic card, didn't realize that win 98 would not support it.

Usually it is the other way round, when you upgrade to a new and later O/S then that won't give full support to the card. J.

  jazzypop 02:17 22 Feb 2003

The short version - click here

The long version - click here

Basically, FAT32 itself can theoretically support up to 2 Terabyte partitions, but MS recommend that you only use drives up to 32GB if using W2K or XP. Both W2K and XP can mount and read drives over 32GB with FAT32 formatting (e.g. if previously created in W98 or ME, or for dual-booting), but over 32GB - NTFS is the recommended route.

  DieSse 02:26 22 Feb 2003

XP cannot format partitions greater than 32Gb - however, it can use partitions greater than 32Gb formatted elsewhere (Win98 for instance).

Interesting MS article
click here

  jazzypop 02:27 22 Feb 2003

I'm not too sure why you say the ATI 9700 pro cannot be used with W98 - there are certainly W98 drivers at click here

  Djohn 02:34 22 Feb 2003

Thats why mine worked then, because I did a format from my win 98se O/S.

jazzypop, would your recommendation be to leave my system running as FAT 32 for a while, or to change over to NTFS? All my software is up to date, and hardware as well, except for Voodoo3 3000 graphic card, but xp has recognized this ok and installed it's own drivers.

Very pleased with xp by the way. J.

  jazzypop 02:37 22 Feb 2003

My preference is definitely NTFS with XP. Do it now, while your system is still 'young' and relatively unpopulated :)

  Djohn 02:46 22 Feb 2003

jazzypop, once again, many thanks for your advise, I shall do it first thing in the morning, erm! later on today! :o)

  linguina 03:00 23 Feb 2003

Many thanks to everyone who takes the time (and the patience!) to answer to all our problems.


  Djohn 03:05 23 Feb 2003

linguina, I took jazzypop's advice and changed over to NTFS this afternoon, after asking for instructions how to do it. Took only about 10 minutes for the whole procedure, and everything went smooth. Regards. J.

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