300Gb hard disk & motherboard compatability

  Aquarrian 17:40 29 Nov 2006

My motherboard MSI 648f Neo does not appear to accept my 300Gb hard disk. I have the latest BIOS update from MSI. I need a new board that will also accept an AGP graphics card purchased a few months ago. I would like to stay with Intel as I have a Pentium 4 in this board and have been happy with it. Currently using DDR SDRAM and would like to use it on the new board. Any suggestions as to how I can get this board to accept the hard disk or suggestions for a replacement board to the above specs please.

  Ashrich 17:49 29 Nov 2006

When you say it does not accept it , in what way ? Not recognise at all , wrong size ? ......


  Technotiger 17:56 29 Nov 2006

click here

These all seem to quote 300Gb Maxtor drive.

  Technotiger 17:57 29 Nov 2006

ps - and with AGP

  Aquarrian 18:08 29 Nov 2006

I tried a new installation of Windows XP after installing this disk. After Windows XP formatted the disk and loaded the drivers it attempted a reboot. On reboot I get a DOS message - NTDLR is missing. I cleared the CMOS but still get the same message. Ironically the disk was shown when I go into the BIOS menu. I switched back to my original 120Gb drive with Windows XP already installed and the system works perfectly. I took this to be an incompatability problem with the 300Gb disk.

  Technotiger 18:40 29 Nov 2006
  ed-0 18:55 29 Nov 2006

" Ironically the disk was shown when I go into the BIOS menu. "

if you can see the hard drive in the bios, then it is fine for the motherboard. It could be any sort of fault that is stopping windows from loading onto the hard drive. A hardware fault > poor reading cd rom > iffy memory > overclocked cpu etc. Or software > dirty or scratched disk > virus write protection enabled in the bios even the extra power needed from the psu.

It also does support a 4 or 8X agp card.

Some options?

keep the 120 Gb in and use the 300Gb as a slave?

Clone the 120Gb drive onto the 300Gb drive, remove the 120Gb and then boot from the 300Gb.

Or do you want a clean install?

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