3 year old little girl messing

  Ben capewell 20:55 03 May 2008

My little 3 year old girl has had one of them free cd-rom's from Mac D's, once i tried it with her she now wants to go on pc all the time before she just knew that it was daddys and not to touch.
I now feel myself watching over her now just in case she deletes or creates majour problems for me, i would just like to be able to leave her to mess and feel safe from my pc been wrecked, and deleting files.
Please help.
I have created another user account under her name but i dont seem to be able to protect anything can some body please point me in the right direction.

  rdave13 21:00 03 May 2008

Does your ISP give you the option of parental control for other accounts?

  sinbads 21:12 03 May 2008

I think daddy should be there to share the learing experience leaving a 3 year old alone with your pride and joy is a suicide.

However there will be times when your back is turned .... reduce the headache and install acronis.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:17 03 May 2008

Child safe Internet control :-
Iprotectyou click here
Weblocker click here
Parental Filter click here
K9 web protection click here
click here

As long as you have set her account as a limited user then she cannot change windows components / install anything.
USe one of the above to control her internet use.
A 3yr old should be supervised at all times anyway.

The most likely problem she will give you at that age is to jam up your keyboard with stick fingers :0)

  iscanut 21:24 03 May 2008

Best to buy a second keyboard just for her so that sticky fingers etc don't mess your own up. Perhaps also her own large mouse !

  Ben capewell 21:26 03 May 2008

its not so much internet its just draging files or clicking on things like photos, and yes sinbad daddy is always there he just wants to make a cup of tea ! we were on the wiggles site today and had fun but i was still watching what she did with to much concern of that one lethal click, you must be a dad your self , and there would be nothing stopping her clicking on RE FORMAT for the 2 mins that i was not there.
So i will try acronis !!!!!!!!
Is this some down loaded software i can put into her log on or something that is going to annoy me on my log on also.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:30 03 May 2008

A long while since I've needed it but

You should be able to configure the program just to protect one account.

  sinbads 21:37 03 May 2008

3yr olds are into everything fingers all over the place investigating beforre you know it theyv'e pulled a plug out and started to chew it personally i would supervise at all times, if you have to leave then take her with you.

  rdave13 21:49 03 May 2008

Do what I did. Bought a modem/router and a cheapo laptop (£300) and the laptop for dad's use only. Main desktop has 5 and 3 year olds on it and under supervision, even with two minutes tea breaks, they haven't managed to reformat it yet :).
Tried all the usual stuff with parental controls but that usually disables flash and so a lot of Cbeebies and Thomas the tank on you tube are disabled. My toddlers use my account and I supervise to the best of my ability.So far so good.
Good luck.

  josie mayhem 21:57 03 May 2008

Look on the bright side, you are going to learn so much about how your computer really works...

This is how I learn't, the kids did something, that according to them they never touched anything, pressed anything it just happpened ahhhh....

My solution was to build my own computer (several times) they get the old one....

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