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  nobbie 12:15 02 Apr 2008

hi all, just a question... i,m thinking of subscribing to the three networks wireless internet as i,m always on the road with my laptop, but can anyone give me a rough idea of how much browsing i can do with a 3gb limit as i wont be downloading films etc.. just browsing ebay, tou tube etc..

  nobbie 11:42 03 Apr 2008


  MAJ 11:54 03 Apr 2008

Browsing wont be a problem, you'll not even approach your 3GB limit, but when you start to use YouTube and it's ilk, you'll start to use the allowance up a lot faster, depending on what your watching on YouTube. Work it out: You can watch 100 new unique 10MB YouTube videos before using 1GB. It's better to download the video if you're going to watch it repeatedly.

  nobbie 12:51 04 Apr 2008

seems that i should be okay with the 3 gb package then..thanks..

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