3 versions of Excel- how do I set one as default?

  PC_HelpMe 20:15 05 Nov 2009

Hi everyone,

I have 3 versions of Excel on my Windows Vista laptop. The reason being:-

1) One version is a 2007 edition of a Student Office software pack that came pre-installed on the computer, but is only a TRIAL version so I don't want to use this (and its not the same as I am used to using on both my work computer and my home tower unit).
2) One version is a 2000 version which I probably installed myself at some point, but don't wish to use this anymore.
3) One version is a 2003 version and is the one I wish to use.

However, when I go into my Documents folder on my laptop and select an Excel document to look at, it automatically opens with the old 2000 version.

I have tried right clicking the document first and selecting "Open With", but after scrolling through the Program files, and finding a Microsoft Office folder, when I go into that folder, there are then 3 folders (one for each version of it that has been installed on my laptop). However, when I go into the relevant Office folder for the 2003 software, and select the Excel 2003 version, it still won't allow me to open all future Excel documents in this version.

I have tried to remove the 2000 version of Excel, but in view that I can't for some reason select the 2003 version as default, it then won't allow me to open up the Excel document as it says it can't find the necessary file to open it in????

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do about this?

Thanks for your time.

  User-1229748 20:31 05 Nov 2009

is it not listed if you go to default programs in the control panel?sorry if you've already tried this.

  PC_HelpMe 20:38 05 Nov 2009

Hi and thanks for your reply. Yes the versions are stored in the Control Panel - the older one is Office 2000 Premium and the one I want to use as default is Office Professional Edition 2003 - but I have already tried deleting the 2000 version of Excel, but for some reason the 2003 version doesn't seem to want to work.

I can only think that as there are 3 versions of Office on here, the computer is getting confused as to what version it should be opening?

  PC_HelpMe 20:43 05 Nov 2009

I'm not sure I've actually properly solved the problem, but the folder that contained the 2003 Excel version I have copy and pasted that version of Excel into the folder that contained the 2000 version and the computer seems to have now decided - having also run some sort of program correction thing - to accept the 2003 version as default. Thanks for your time.

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