3 Regseeker Questions

  BigRik 19:13 01 May 2006

Hi all.

Despite looking around this forum and the web (although not hard enough, I'm sure!), I can't seem to find an answer to my 3 Regseeker questions.

1. Is version 1.45 (build 0505) the very latest?
2. What are "Extension not used" entries and are they safe to delete?
3. What is an "Unused "Open with" entry" and are they safe to delete?

I ask these as a) I've now been using this for quite a while and b) after deleting all other entries when I scan, those 2 above have beaten my curiosity!

I know deletions are backed up in Regseeker, and that I've got system restore and my system back ups to fall back on if anything was to go pear-shaped.

I also know some people have said in other places that they have just deleted everything with no problems, but I'd like to know a bit about what I'm deleting first.

I thank you for your time.

  ACOLYTE 20:40 01 May 2006

I would say v1.45 is the latest version as most google searches link to this version,some even say it is a BETA version.

As for the other questions,"unused open with entry"is most probably something you have installed and not used,say like for example winzip/winrar,they are installed and the system knows to open zip/rar files with the app's but hasn't done so yet.

"Extension not used"
is most probably a left over from something you have un-installed,that added file extensions for that particular app.

This is just my way of interpreting them,it may be totally wrong,lol

  BigRik 22:22 01 May 2006

I can't find a more recent version either, so I think you're right there.

As far as the registry is concerned though, I really don't want to try and second guess it! What you have offered seems plausible, heck, maybe its even right; but maybe someone else could either confirm what you've said or give me the correct answers.

Can anyone else help?

  remind 22:26 01 May 2006

ACOLYTE's right

  VoG II 22:30 01 May 2006

2 and 3 are exactly what they say and perfectly safe to delete. However, I do not like this program - I far prefer RegscrubXP click here

In fact I've been playing with Registry Mechanic (not free) as well click here which so far seems excellent.

Of course there is the argument that you do not need registry cleaners with XP but I like to run a tidy ship :o)

  BigRik 22:44 01 May 2006

You & me both VoG™!

I've seen you (and others) mention RegscrubXP quite a bit, so I think its about time I gave that a try.

Thanks for your help people. Much appreciated.

  dogbreath1 10:54 02 May 2006

Although I have an aversion to buying software LOL, I have relented in the case of Registry Mechanic (RM). I think that it's a really good app.. In fact, the company PCTools that make RM also produce Spyware Doctor which I have also bought (principally because Windows Defender is a load of poo!).

On the specific subject of RegSeeker, I use it from time to time without problem but somehow I feel more confident with RM.

  BigRik 16:14 02 May 2006

Duly noted.

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