3 Questions regarding a Samsung Smart TV

  Graphicool1 13:01 27 Oct 2012

Hi I have a samsung Smart TV

My first problem is to do with updating the 'Adobe Flash Player'. To use the onboard ITV/BBC Players in the HUB area. It's telling me that I can't use these facilities/ function unless I update my Flash Player. However when I click to update it initially tells me...

Your System: Linux 32-bit, Safari

Then goes on to say...

NOTE: Adobe Flash Player 11.2 will be the last version to target Linux as a supported platform. Adobe will continue to provide security backports to Flash Player 11.2 for Linux.

Following this it says...

Select Version To Download: (It then gives the following options)...

YUM for Linux (YUM)

.tar.gz for other Linux

.rpm for other Linux

APT for UBUNTU 10.4+

Question (1) - Which one am I supposed to choose?

Question (2) - How do I delete/uninstall APPS?

Question (3) - Is it possible to add RAM? (Because when I'm trying to do anything in the HUB it's painfully slow)

  lotvic 13:44 27 Oct 2012

yum seems to be some sort of download manager, the others are compressed files I think.... (I have no idea what)

anyway it might be worth checking firmware as per avforum thread about 'Problems viewing ITV Player on my Samsung'

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:08 27 Oct 2012

You need Adobe 10.1 see here

Does your TV require a firmware update to solve the slowness problem? see here download here

If you run out of space and want a new app, you can delete a large app from the TV and download the new app. Next to the “Buy Now” button, in an apps description screen, is a button that lets you manage your apps and delete them immediately to make room for the app you want to buy. Later, you can change your mind and reacquire the app that you had deleted. Purchased apps can be re-downloaded for free. from here

  Graphicool1 15:11 27 Oct 2012

Hi *Fruit Bat /\0/*

You answered re the "How do I delete/uninstall APPS" just before I could say I'd sussed it, but cheers anyway. As for the firmware updates I am uncertain, everytime we enter the HUB (as they call it) we have to wait while it finishes updating. What it's updating it doesn't say, all I know is it never seems any different.

I just followed your link and I actually did that re a memory stick when we first got the TV, about two months ago. The annoying thing is, it doesn't tell you anything. It's like it's playing a game or testing you, if you really want to know you'll find out, but why can't they just let you know?

As far as the Flash Play is concerned, I believe I have 11.1 and it's telling me I need 11.2. But it's also telling me that 11.2 is the last Flash Player that will support Linux? But unless I can tell Adobe what version I need from the list it is offering I can't get it. Why doesn't it know what I need, after all it is telling me that my OS is 'Linux 32-bit, Safari'. But it isn't offering an update for 'Safari'?!

Hi Lotvic

I checked your link but it's 3 years out of date. Thanx anyway.

  Graphicool1 15:15 27 Oct 2012

Hi Lotvic

My apology, I misread the date (looking in the wrong place).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:12 27 Oct 2012

Safari is a browser, the I thought the TV uses Android as an op system.

Last firmware update should be 12 Oct.

  Graphicool1 15:47 28 Oct 2012

Thanx for the last info Fruit Bat /\0/\

The following is what Adobe says...

'Your System: Linux 32-bit, Safari'

It seems to think that the OS is Linux 32-bit. I assumed that 'Safari' was the version name. But it could quite possibly be the Browser? I don't know anything about Linux, Ubuntu or any other, outside of Microsoft. Hence my reason for this thread on PCA.

Well, I 've had a look elsewhere and it seems your thoughtson Safari are correct, it is indeed a browser. Further to this the YUM for Linux (YUM) Its full name is 'Yellowdog Updater Modified'. I am coming round to thinking that Linux is the Samsung OS and the YUM file is the one I should be choosing.

Has anyone else got any input on this thought, preferably before I press the button?

  Ian in Northampton 18:08 29 Oct 2012

I have the Samsung 8000 series. It does NOT support Flash - nor do any Samsung Smart TVs, I don't think. Originally, Samsung announced support for Flash - but it didn't happen, and Samsung are evasive about if/when they will do so. I have both iPlayer and ITVPlayer working. From memory, the system had to perform some sort of firmware update when I first installed it. However, my understanding is that Flash support in a Samsung TV is limited to only these apps (and YouTube?) - go to a web site that needs Flash, and it won't run. FWIW, while I'm thrilled with my 8000 series, the Flash situation is one of several anomalies. For example: why does the browser support keyboard input - but the YouTube app doesn't?

Re press the button: by all means go for it - but I'd be really surprised if anything happened, whatever you choose/press. I'd love to stand corrected, though.

  Graphicool1 13:49 05 Nov 2012

Hi Ian in Northampton

Sorry I've been so long responding, but I guess my response, (for you) will be dissapointing. I would have gone ahead and attempted to instal the Adobe Flash Player. However, since installing the latest fimware update that Fruit Bat /\0/\ brought to my attention, ITV Player is nolonger telling me I need the latest Adobe Flash Player. So I'm guessing that the firmware contained an alternative flash player, or something similar. Regarding your remark - "go to a web site that needs Flash" - I did think about trying king.com, which is a flash game site. But even though I now have the latest updates, including firmware. When I'm in the Hub area or on the Internet the cursor still moves so painfully slow, it's like being semi submerged in treacle, trying to kick a ball uphill. In my opening question I asked if it was possible to update the TV's Ram?

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