3 Printers From USB Hub

  Mike 22:03 30 Jan 2005

I have three printers all with Parallel connectors. If I use a usb to Parallel cable on each of them and then connect to a powered 3 port Hub will I be able to print to each individually.
Win XP Lazer.Inkjet, and wide dot Matrix.

  mgmcc 00:05 31 Jan 2005

I would have thought a better option might have been to install a PCI card with a couple of Parallel Ports on.

  Mike 02:37 31 Jan 2005

Thanks mgmcc,

Looked at that and cheapest card I could find was £122.00. I already have the hub from older machine which only had 2 USB ports and on my last PC I had 2 Parallel ports 1 was ISA so no use now.

Having got the Laser printer I thought I could use USB to Parallel Cabels, they are only £10 on Ebay.

The question was will it work.


  wiz-king 05:32 31 Jan 2005

You will have problems--big time. One printer and usb is bad enought, two and your in trouble getting them to work even with a powered hub, three would be asking for trouble. Usb ports and printers are often a source of frustrstion and grief. I have got two usb and one parallel printers on my computer and it took several attempts to get the two on usb to load. If you must try it put the dot matrix on the parallel port and the other two on usb, load the drivers for the oldest printer first. Best of luck--you will need it, and welcome to the world of slow printing.

  PA28 09:11 31 Jan 2005

I'm not sure about the the parallel to usb conversion factor, but I run 3 usb printers (Lexmark X83 all in one for general work, Brother 1440 Laser for volume, and Canon i865 for photographs) without any problems whatsoever. This is on XP Home.

  trevpearson 09:22 31 Jan 2005

As long as you remember to change the default printer to the one you want to use every time, you 'shouldn't' (he hesitated) have a problem. Although Dot-matrix and USB, could be the weak link.


  Pesala 12:29 31 Jan 2005

Assuming that you have one parallel port, you might be better off with a manual switch box from Maplins: click here only £11.99, plus some a cable.

I have one going spare. One parallel port input, four outputs, and a manual switch with cables. If you can pick it up from East London, send me an email.

  Mike 18:02 31 Jan 2005

Well that's a nice collection of answers.

I've gone and bought the cables, 3 off, so I suppose I'm in for some fun. I thought USB was to make things faster but I suppose that is if the printer was made with USB as in the case of PA28.

trevpearson could be right about default printer, the Laser doesn't like data meant for the InkJet and I will probably get on best with the Dot Matrix on the Parallel Port.

wis-king,-I bet your correct in that I will have problems. But lets see what happens.

Pesala, love to come up to London but 450mls not local, your suggestion is the most logical and just remembered I have a 2 position switch lurking in my office somewhere but I was trying to make things automatic. Might get back for your 4 position.

I will keep thread open and report back when cables arrive.

Many thanks

  mrdsgs 18:17 31 Jan 2005

i've got a pci to 2 parallel printer ports.

yours for £10.00, then your problem would be solved I think.

Personally, I have 3 parallel port printers and I use the parallel switch method, in fact 2 of them so I can select any of 4 computers and any of the 3 printers. Very easy to do.


  Mike 19:31 31 Jan 2005

Thanks for the offer mrdsgs,

Might come back if the cables dont work.


  Mike 20:20 01 Feb 2005

The cables arrived each with USB-IEEE1284 Driver Rev.2.2x, copied one to Program Files>“Parallel USB”, installed the two .inf files. Plugged in the 4 Port Power Hub, connected the printers one at a time XP advised new USB device found. Went to Start>Printers & Faxes and found Epson Stylus 600 (copy) looked at Properties>Ports and found “Virtual port for USB” Epson etc. Ran test page OK. Did the same with the Laser Printer all OK. With the Dot Matrix had to select the printer from a list because XP didn’t find it automatically, Test print OK.
Selected a document and printed to each printer OK. It doesn’t mater which Printer is default just select the printer to use in Document print dialog box.
The Original Epson Printer is set up as Lpt1 In Ports.

thanks to all Mike

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