3 Phishing Emails in One Day

  Rhubarb 17:58 03 Aug 2006

Has anyone else had 3 phishing emails today? I got 2 emailed receipts from 'paypal' and 1 from 'online shopping' saying 'thanks for your first order'? Incidentally, how do these fraudsters know that someone uses paypal? Is it just an educated guess?

  sean-278262 19:07 03 Aug 2006

Rhubarb the fraudstars dont know you use Paypal or anything else for that matter. They just mass email people. If one in 10000 has an account and then out of every 100 that has an account and goes on to put in their details then they can make a lot of money for very little bar a small bit of time on making up the emails.

I constantly get phishing and other spam to my secondary address. Checked about once a month but only used to sign up to sites such as dabs to avoid getting all the trash.

My main one gets quite a bit too.

  Jak_1 20:10 03 Aug 2006

Just delete them without responding to them. I've not had one yet, I feel a bit left out!

  Rhubarb 20:30 03 Aug 2006

Thanks very much for the responses. Creature of the Nite, you have put my mind at rest and Jak_1 you made me laugh!I have just deleted the nasties and will keep doing the same. Cheers x

  mikef. 20:32 03 Aug 2006

Only three!!!, I don't even bother looking at them just delete them from my spam folder unlooked at

  polymath 20:53 03 Aug 2006

Only 3, Rhubarb? What's your secret?
I get about 20 a day, but I gather that's quite modest compared to some people (correct me if I'm wrong).

I just delete them in Mailwasher or, failing that, usually manage to delete them as fast as they download (the words 'urgent' or 'important' are reliable indicators of spam in my case!)

At least you're not feeling left out.

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