3 IDE devices + HDD?

  Gaz 25 02:06 12 Jun 2004

I wish to add a DVD player, CD-RW and a DVD-RW all as seperate + a HDD.

Now my assumption would be DVD on secondary slave, CD-RW on secondary master.

Then on primary master, my HDD and primary slave is my DVD-RW?

I require this becuase I need to DVD > DVD backup option as well as CD > CD.


  Gaz 25 02:21 12 Jun 2004

Would the DVD-RW affect perfoamnce of the HDD in anyway?

If so forget the idea, I'll do it another way.

  Djohn 02:27 12 Jun 2004

Sounds fine to me and no, the performance of the hard drive will not be affected in any way by the slower speed of the optical drive.

Regards. j.

  bremner 06:28 12 Jun 2004

As your DVD Rom will read CD's and the DVD Rewriter will write CDR's and CDRW's why do you need the additional CD Rom drive.

  bremner 06:28 12 Jun 2004

Sorry that should of course say

"the additional CD RW drive"

  georgemac 08:08 12 Jun 2004

I have always been under the impression - maybe incorrectly - that the ide channel would run at the speed of the slowest device connected to the cable - therefore a cd/dvd drive would slow down the hard drive?

click here

"Hard Disk and ATAPI Device Channel Sharing: There are several reasons why optical drives (or other ATAPI devices) should not be shared on the same channel as a fast hard disk. ATAPI allows the use of the same physical channels as IDE/ATA, but it is not the same protocol; ATAPI uses a much more complicated command structure. Opticals are also generally much slower devices than hard disks, so they can slow a hard disk down when sharing a channel. Finally, some ATAPI devices cannot deal with DMA bus mastering drivers, and will cause a problem if you try to enable bus mastering for a hard disk on a channel they are using."

I do not attempt to copy dvd's on the fly which is what you intend to do? I have 2 hard drives on 1 cable anyway, and always copy the dvd to the hard drive first. Your dvd-rw can alos be used for cd - cd backup?

  georgemac 08:11 12 Jun 2004

is to purchase an pci ide controller card - as you are probably aware only one of the devices on the ide cable can talk to the cpu at any time, so there are always interuptions and this is why in the early days copying on the fly caused many problems. A separate ide controller card would allow you to connect each device as a master on it's own cable - could be messy inside the case though.

  Sans le Sou 10:31 12 Jun 2004

You can do it with 2 drives on the secondary channels and leave the HD on the primary.
DVD/CD-RW combi drive plus a CD-RW(fast). I have a Sony DRU510 and a Sony CRX 230 thus configured and they work well. Got room for another HD as well.

  Sans le Sou 10:37 12 Jun 2004

Sorry wont do DVD to DVD on the fly, but whats wrong with going via the HD?

  Sans le Sou 10:40 12 Jun 2004

If you are copying films (Who said that?) you will have to shrink them via the HD anyway.

  Gaz 25 16:31 12 Jun 2004

Ok DVD-RW will be combo then, thanks.

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