3 beeps at switch on

  wyko 16:47 23 Mar 2006

3 Beeps

I have replaces my MB CPU RAM

As soon as I switch the power on at the mains s/w I get 3 beeps from the speaker

MB manual says 3 beeps means First 64K memory failed

I have made sure the memory strips are properly fitted

Anyone know the problem or thr fix

  bjh 16:49 23 Mar 2006

If you have more than one memory strip (and it sounds as if you do), take one out, leave one in slot 1, try. If it beeps, take that strip out & try the other.

Does it beep with only one?

The other possibility is that it's the wrong sort of RAM. What happens i you put the old back in?

  wyko 17:05 23 Mar 2006


I have two sticks of 128 Rambus from my previous MB plus two new 128's I have just bought

I've tried each pair in the Bank 0 slots with the dummy CRIMS in Bank 1 and get 3 bleeps as soon as I switch the PC on at the mains switck at the rear on both attempts

I understand these memory sticks must be used in pairs

I've unplugged all the connectors the fron controls with the same result


  bjh 17:21 23 Mar 2006

I'm assuming it's an AMI BIOS...

What's the motherboard make/model??

You may need to reset the CMOS before it will recognise the new memory ~ unlikely, so I wouldn't try that too early, but you could try that later....

Are the modules NEW - I don't know if you can easily get it new - so if not, they might be syuspect... SUSPECT (damn fingies)

And you are now getting the same 3 beeps with just the old chips.?

Do remember to earth yourself whilst playing with the innards of your machine.

  wyko 16:47 24 Mar 2006


Yes it is ami bios

New MB Intel D850EMV2 + New 2.4 CPU

I do not know how to reset the Bios

Two of the modules were working in my previous MB. The other two are brand new Kingston

yes I am getting the same 3 beeps with the old and new also with no memory

Yes I did earth myself

I can't understand why the PS & CPU fans are running and the various drives are starting up when I switch on at the back of the PC. I've even pulled the case connectors off that MB but the fans and things still start up


  Stuartli 16:51 24 Mar 2006

Some advice here:

click here

Note the green and purple slot references.

  Stuartli 16:52 24 Mar 2006

Beep codes can be found at:

click here

  chub_tor 16:54 24 Mar 2006

If you have the motherboard manual it should show you how to reset the bios defaults. Usually it means taking a two pin jumper off a set of 3 pins and transferring it for a few seconds to the other side and then putting it back to its original position. I have had to do this when I built a pc with an ECS k7s5a board and it worked for me. If there is no re-set jumper then I believe that you can get the same effect by removing the cmos battery for a short period (30seconds or more) to let the capacitors suppying the cmaos to discharge.

  woodchip 16:54 24 Mar 2006

Graphics for me

  bjh 18:22 24 Mar 2006

I'm puzzling over your last paragraph, that you've pulled the case connectors off thet MB but the fans and stuff still start up. (I'm probably being more than a bit slow; it's been a loooongggg Friday).

Anyway, when I have problems with abuild, I find that taking things very slow & simple helps ~ sort of "measure twice, cut once" methodology.

So, you have an old motherboard. Any chance of resurrecting that to check the components, particularly the memory. Might be time-consuming, but will fix that as a source of error.

Are you sure that the memory modules are compatable with the new mobo? click here may give you a clue.

OK, so if the memory works in the old board, but not the new, then reset the cmos (make sure power is off; jumper should be in manual). Alternatively, pull out the cr2032 battery overnight (an hour should easily do).

I'm still sticking with the RAM as the problem, AMI BIOS being more reliable & standardised than Award as far as beep codes go. If I rememvber, the BIOS does a Reset Determination as the step before memtest, and if there is a mismatch, it should reset the CMOS. If it is failing to do a reset, that's why I'm suggesting a manual CMOS reset.

Then other components. What are they, and how many can be tested in the old motherboard?

Otherwise (and I think it's always a cop-out), I suppose a dad motherboard is the best possibility.

  chub_tor 18:51 24 Mar 2006

From the Intel page FAQ click here

I get a repeating-beep error code and my desktop board does not boot or show any video. What does this mean?
This beep code may indicate a problem during detection of the RDRAM memory device. Check to ensure that system memory / continuity RIMMs are properly installed and that the RIMMs are on the D850EMV2 desktop board tested-memory list.

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