2xhard drive set-up

  ross_mcculloch 20:48 03 Jan 2008

I currently have 2x hard drives in my current pc with the first smaller hd having the os on it and a second larger hd having my photos, files etc on it.

I've been advised for my new pc I should set it up with a larger first hd for files etc and a smaller second hd for the os alone. (It will prob be win vista premium).

Any thoughts on this matter?

  DieSse 23:33 03 Jan 2008

The way you have your current system is more logical.

However, to my mind a single drive in the system, and a second external drive for backups is better still.

I've got two removeable drive caddies in the system (normally with only one drive fitted at a time - but sometimes two.) Plus a seperate USB drive for backups. Plus a third caddy mounted drive for tinkering.

Best of all possible worlds!

  ross_mcculloch 23:37 03 Jan 2008

If I use an external usb 2.0 hard drive while I run into trouble if I try playing videos or music off it? I'm thinking in terms of the data transfer rate between the usb hd and the pc.

  ross_mcculloch 23:38 03 Jan 2008

Above should read 'will I run into trouble'

will I run into trouble
no it will be fine.

  Strawballs 00:45 04 Jan 2008

Data transfer between internal drives will be faster than when externals are involved.

  ross_mcculloch 09:18 04 Jan 2008

So maybe keep videos on the internal and music on the external?

  DieSse 09:50 04 Jan 2008

"So maybe keep videos on the internal and music on the external?"

Playback will not be affected. Transferring a video onto an external drive (from an internal drive) will be slower - but even for a file the size of a DVD there will only be a few seconds in it - and for files in the MegaByte ranges, you won't notice the difference.

Hi Ross,
I Have dvds and music on external drive with no difference on playback at all.
I also havent noticed any difference in saving to external.
Ive also got them backed up to blank media should the drive fail that is the only possible problem you could run into but so could the internal drives, but in terms of playback no difference at all.

sorry DieSse
didnt see your reply

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