2oo many operating systems

  Doyakkon 23:43 27 Apr 2005

I had been having a problem with my laptop os [winxp pro] so i decided to do a new install, unfortunatly instead of wipe over the other 1 I now have 2 copies of winxp pro on my laptop, and as its HD is only 7GB total size its waisting 2GB which leaves me only 780mb free Now.
The problem is i cant find out how to delete or remove the second copy, could someone please point me in the right direction ?

Thanks "D"

  Jak_1 01:00 28 Apr 2005

Backup any files you need to a cd then simply reformat the drive and then re-install the os.

If you have not got one then make a boot floppy via the control panel, bootup with the floppy and either fdisk or do a format c then reininstal the os

click here

  Jak_1 01:07 28 Apr 2005

Forget the control panel, follow the link.

  Doyakkon 01:18 28 Apr 2005

one problem...it doesnt have a floppy drive or a cdr all it has is a cdrom, is it possible to use a flash drive and boot from the flash drive in the usb2 port ?

  Jak_1 01:28 28 Apr 2005

OK, Try system restore. Take to pc back to a date before you tried to do the new install and retry things.

To format the drive you will need to bootup in safe mode and chose the option for the dos window. Then type in format c.

  Doyakkon 01:33 28 Apr 2005

system restore will not do it ive tried,

To format the drive you will need to bootup in safe mode and chose the option for the dos window. Then type in format c.

could you explain more please, what exactly does formating the drive do and will it all stilll work after as its a second hand lappy so i dont have the MB drive discs etc.

im off to bed now so hopefully il carry on in the morning.

thanx for your help so far.

  Doyakkon 00:31 29 Apr 2005


  bobbybowls 11:24 29 Apr 2005

try this

click here;en-us;888023

  bobbybowls 11:29 29 Apr 2005

link not working past this into search bar and remove the space after microsoft

click here .com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;888023

  bobbybowls 11:32 29 Apr 2005

go to ms suport page and search for How to remove a second installation of a Windows operating system from a partition

  Doyakkon 15:11 30 Apr 2005

ive searched for it there, but get results for other problems, but no results for my actual problem.

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