2nd website attempt.

  SDJ 22:33 08 Feb 2004

click here

This is the second site I have designed.

I realise that the graphics are making it slow to non-bb users, I guess its a case of reducing the resolution of all the graphics.

Anyway, any comments would be most gratefully received.
Also how much should a site like this be charged out at?


  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:16 08 Feb 2004

is that it doesn't fit an 800 x 600 window without sideways scrolling.

  IClaudio 23:23 08 Feb 2004

...in the main header graphic, which appears on every page. You've got it right in the META 'Description' and everywhere else. I couldn't comfortably read the font in the News section (and I don't think it should scroll automatically), or the Impressum in the bottom righthand corner ('Trading style'... what's that?)

But nevertheless, a very nice-looking site!

Ah, Perranporth, that's a great golf course, I've spent several wind/rain-swept rounds there!


  Forum Editor 00:49 09 Feb 2004

it has style, and exactly the right 'feel' for its subject matter, but..................

1. That word "Developements" in the header is a real clanger.

2. Upper case text is much more difficult to read, and creates tension. For some reason you've opted for lower case on the new projects page, and how much better it looks as a result. I urge you to change the body text throughout the site to lower case - far more professional.

3. On the Dunes page ".....Prime surfing beaches" should be on one line.

4. Being really picky (you did say comments would be welcome) the wording on the 'about us' page is somewhat clumsy. "Arduously seeking..." is completely wrong - use "Actively seeking..." instead. In addition, this sentence doesn't make sense:


I suggest:

"If our latest project doesn't meet your requirements let us create a unique property for you". You might substitute 'home' for 'property'

One of the problems with design (of any type) is that in creating something it's easy to get so involved in the process that you miss simple errors. For that reason it's essential to take a step back, and try to check the whole thing as if you were a stranger, seeing it for the first time. In effect, that's what we're doing here, and I know it's not easy to reveal your brainchild to a bunch of complete strangers, to be picked over and dissected. You've produced a really good site here, so please don't feel disheartened in any way by my comments.

  SDJ 09:19 09 Feb 2004

I must confess I put the site on last night just to make sure everything worked.
I was meant to get the missus to proof read it but sunday roast got in the way.

I dont really like the news section either, I think I will change that slightly.

The text was given to me but I will make all of the suggested changes as they all make sence to me.

On a funny note you wouldnt believe the number of times I spelt developments wrong, I think its the temp in my office (about 4 degrees! keeps the cpu down nice and low but my hands can hardly move!)

Cheers load guys, any suggestions on cost for this site?

  SDJ 19:13 09 Feb 2004

so it reads more easily now.
changed the font back to TNR.

I also made the font black so it shows up better and then started thinking that the rest of the text on the site should be black.

Changed it in my editing software and it looked good but my labels and various other jpeg text bits are all grey so it looked out of place.
Result is I have kept the latest news as black but the rest as grey.

Any suggestions on this? I know it wasnt mentioned before but just wanted to make sure the font colour is readable.


  slowhand_1000 19:52 09 Feb 2004

Very nice site, well done SDJ

Just 1 little thing I have noticed. On the Contact page under the word Contact the line of type appears as such

Please complete the form below or contact us by phone or emailp>

with p> at the end of it.

  PurplePenny 19:58 09 Feb 2004

That isn't a good start - my reaction was "well not those!" The answer to that question is different for everyone and the houses shown on the page are not likely to be completely right for anyone - so the company is setting itself up to be knocked down right there at the start.

Also I find "If quality minimalist contemporary design and unrivalled location in the West Country is what you are looking for" a bit clumsy. How about ".... contemporary design in an unrivalled West Country location ......" ?


  SDJ 20:34 09 Feb 2004

slowhand_1000 thanks I missed that bit, edited it in notepad and must have missed the < before p>

PurplePenny, I see what you are saying but it is a question after all. "What is the perfect home?" and then follows up with a suggestion as to is this statement your perfect home.

".... not completely right for anyone..." I beg to differ and am sure my friend would argue that one seeing as the original development is sold.

I do see what you are saying though and I will put this to my friends.


  Forum Editor 20:53 09 Feb 2004

You have every reason to feel pleased with it, and I hope the client/friend likes it too. There will always be tweaks that can be applied, and I tend to agree with Penny's comment about that perfect home sentence.

The thing to bear in mind is that site visitors are unlikely to be scrutinising it in such detail - they're coming to look at the houses - and although I'm the world's worst tweaker when it comes to text I do think there comes a point when you must leave it and move on.

I never do that on my own designs of course - I tweak endlessly, sometimes after the site has gone live to the client.

  SDJ 21:07 09 Feb 2004

Thank you all for your comments.

I will no doubt tweak from time to time but take FEs comment onboard about moving on.

I must say this site was very enjoyable putting together, when I did my first site (which was on the links page of this one) I didnt enjoy that one too much as I was doing it without content such as pictures and text as these were not given to me until late on. I had picked up a few pointers from Practical Web Projects mag but was struggling with ideas.

But this time I managed to enjoy doing it, which to me is the main thing as being a boring accountant, I dont have much fun in life but this has been rewarding.
Its a great feeling to get good feedback also, thanks again.
The webdesign forum is a great addition to the PCA site.

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