2nd USB exteral Hard Drive

  Sethhaniel 12:28 16 Dec 2006

Can two USB external hard drives be used at same time?
I have had a 80Gb USB for some time and getting full have now got an extra 250gb drive

but when both plugged in the 80Gb on shows no files on it - folders are there and right clicking shows the disk usage while 250gb show OK -when inserted alone the 80Gb shows up working correctly - both USB2 on XP sp2 2600

maybe a setting for number of files shown???
any ideas

  I am Spartacus 12:32 16 Dec 2006

I've had up to three external USB hard drives plugged in and working at the same time. Does the 80GB need a power supply or is it powered by the USB bus? It could be a power issue. Have you tried switching to other ports?

  Sethhaniel 12:53 16 Dec 2006

and both work fine but not together
will try switching the ports and see if that makes a difference ;)

  Snec 13:48 16 Dec 2006

Just thought this might be useful: I also have three USB external drives but, strangely..... one of them will not work through the hub, it has to go straight to the machine.

  FatboySlim71 16:04 16 Dec 2006

I have two external hard drives which are connected into my pc through a hub my USB hub has its own power supply, so as long as you have a USB hub that comes with its own power supply then the drives should work. I agree it could be a power issue, the best thing is when you buy a USB hub is to buy one that comes with its own power supply then that way you are not drawing power off of the PC.

I have this USB hub and it works spot on never had any problems whatsoever when connecting/running things that are plugged into it. Just thought I would mention it in case you are wanting to get a powered USB hub.
click here#

  Snec 21:35 16 Dec 2006

Re: my post above.

I should have explained the message I was making more clearly. My hub is powered but that one external drive I mentioned will not work through any of my hubs. Even if it is the only one connected, it will not work through a hub. It has to go direct to the machine.

  Sethhaniel 14:22 17 Dec 2006

connecting the 80gb through a hub - but tried swapping the main usb 2 sockets first - switching on the 80gb first all ok - swirch on the 250gb comes on fine but then the 80gb unconnects and an error message comes up saying that the item connected is at fault -
(same message ad when I had tehm in original order)

but workiing fine and happy with the 80 through the powered hub

ticked for now

  FatboySlim71 11:46 18 Dec 2006

So to clarify, both external hard drives work ok when they are both running through the powered USB hub?

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