2nd Posting - Website after Taran/madboy33 help

  Micklemass 19:28 06 Mar 2004

Have altered several things on click here but will look at menu over the next week. Wondered how it now looked? Got mixed up trying to justify text in Dreamweaver 4 and resorted to Word. Another thing to sort out me-thinks

  Forum Editor 00:19 07 Mar 2004

if you put it into tables. That way you can make the page look far more interesting, and break up the text into smaller chunks, with images interspersed for interest.

Speaking of images - none of them are loading.

The other problem is the colour scheme. red and blue text on a green background are a problem on web sites - people with certain types of colour blindness will find it difficult or impossible to read those combinations. The green background is rather off-putting in fact - it's too vivid. Perhaps if you tried a much lighter tone, or a pale buff colour you would see an improvement.

It might be an idea to put a hyperlink back to your homepage on the forum by the way - it can be irritating for people to have to close a window to see where they are.

  Taran 08:13 07 Mar 2004

That's a radical change.

The overall laytout is heading in the right direction but, as FE points out, putting your page body text copy into tables would help control it.

I am one of those colourblind people FE mentions and I did find the colour scheme overwhelming.

This page has some excellent links on web design for accessibility to those with visual problems like colourblindness:

click here

You'll find that the general recommendations for people with colour deficienct vision often helps you to choose a very pleasant overall colour scheme for those with, dare I use the word, 'normal' vision.

Some interesting reading on web colour schemes in general, if you want to look, can be found at the following links:

click here

click here

click here

Things are certainly moving in the right direction though. Keep it up and see where it goes. Getting there is more than half the fun !



  Forum Editor 08:31 07 Mar 2004

not loading turned out to be a browser incompatibility problem. The images are fine in Internet Explorer, but don't appear in Firefox.

  Micklemass 09:20 07 Mar 2004

Will spend the week ahead looking at both of your new suggestions. Luckily I am retired and usually have an understanding wife. Hopefully after this I'll feel happier with the site and learnt a lot in the process. Wonder why I didn't use the forum before as I often buy the magazine.

  PurplePenny 12:06 07 Mar 2004

The Vischeck site allows you to put your pages through a colour-blindness simulator:

click here

It doesn't always work though, so if your pages look exactly the same when you try them, try again later. The results can be surprising - purple doesn't come out purple whichever colourblindess type is selected - but it does still show up where red or blue become sludge (depending on type).


  Gaz 25 19:38 08 Mar 2004

The reason firebox cannot see the images correctly is becuase of the program it was created in...


  Micklemass 20:34 08 Mar 2004

Starting to re-do site under a trial directory using all your ideas also now have Firefox downloaded to check compatabillity. Be back in a weeks time - hopefully. For the moment have changed background to grey.

Cheers Micklemass

  Micklemass 09:07 10 Mar 2004

Have made a template including links to other pages. The links to a page work from the index page but from that page nothing happens or it trys to find the page on my C drive. Have tried everything mentioned in the manual but am I missing something?

Template is in Template folder.

  Taran 09:39 10 Mar 2004

What exactly have you done ?

You should create your template and save it as such, then create all pages from that template.

Dreamweaver templates require document-relative links to allow page/file links to remain intact when targetted from within a template file buried in a Template folder in your web root.

If that's not working I'd imagine you've used root-relative links, which point to files in the web root - the web root currently being on your hard drive, hence the addresses to the pages will be along the lines of C:\Documents and Settings\Taran\My Documents\Dreamweaver Sites\ on Wndows XP.

Because a template is in a sub-folder of the web root folder, document-relative links are required to point to the documents in relation to where they live in the web root folder, otherwise you end up with links pointing to files in relation to your computer drive letter path, as above.

You could, if you wanted to be a complete masochist, use absolute linking where your hyperlinks target the full URL or the web page. So a link to your Home page would be targetted as the full web address of that page, including the http :// and www. parts of the page address. It's an awful way to code up a site though.

I imagine that you've just used the wrong type of linking.

Take a look here for an overview of templates and how links work within them: click here

  Micklemass 09:54 10 Mar 2004

Thanks Taran - thought of using the whole web address as a last resort but will add the others to my list of jobs.

By the way do you ever go to sleep?

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