2nd phone line

  ellenripley 14:43 11 Jan 2011

I use the internet from my master telephone socket in my living room. I sometimes want to use my laptop in another room. I have run the modem etc from my 2nd landline socket to use the internet but unfortunately, it's a bit hit and miss whether it works or not. Sometimes it connects to the internet but most of the time it doesn't. Does anyone know how I can connect to the internet using the 2nd landline. It has a filter on it.

  hastelloy 15:18 11 Jan 2011

If you have 2 separate landlines there shouldn't be a problem but, if you have 2 extensions on 1 landline you can only use 1 modem.

  Woolwell 15:28 11 Jan 2011

If this is broadband then consider getting a wireless router and going wireless anywhere around the house.

  shellship 15:46 11 Jan 2011

It is normal for a connection from an extension socket to be unreliable and I don't think there is much you can do about it. Do as Woolwell suggests and get a wireless router - but be sure to plug that into the master socket, too!

  john bunyan 16:15 11 Jan 2011

I have a Wirelass Modem Router plugged in upstairs to an extension BT socket 25 metres long. I also have other extensions , all with Filters. I am getting a download speed of 6.8 - 6.9 Mbps on an "Up to 8 Mbps" (just as good as if plugged into the main BT socket). My Router is a Belkin N+ and my laptop is connected wirelessly. I also have a Vonage bouadband phone plugged in to the router with a little box and it acts just like a second phone. As Woolwell suggests a wireless modem / router is the answer.

  ellenripley 17:47 11 Jan 2011

I will try a wireless router.
Thank you everybody.

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