2nd HDD + new OS

  JACC 21:59 09 Mar 2004

Is it possible to install a 2nd hard drive ,on that hdd install Wxp and have the pc bootup using that drive and then remove W98se of the other drive .Not too confusing i hope , it is to me and just wrote it .

  powerless 22:02 09 Mar 2004

Yes, then format the 98 drive from MY computer.

  JACC 22:05 09 Mar 2004

Would i really need to format the drive , i've got alot of stuff on it .

  Sturmey 22:10 09 Mar 2004

So you have a HDD with Win98se on and you aren't going to use Win98se anymore.

Then all you would need to do after you have installed Wxp on the 2nd HDD, is to remove all the files from the Win98se HDD that you no longer use.

If I was you I would get your PC to boot and working ok before removing any files from the win98se HDD, so you can go back to win98se if anything goes wrong.

Hope this helps.

  powerless 22:13 09 Mar 2004

You cannot remove 98 and keep your files. If the drive wa partitioned then you could have done this.

I should have said disconnect your 98 drive before the XP install.

  spanneress 22:14 09 Mar 2004

You are the only person who can decide whether to format the 98 HDD or not...if you want a clear HDD and don't want to keep any of the programs on there, then go for it...if it is data you want to keep, why not burn it onto a CD or DVD? Alternatively....if you want to keep it...why not just...errr..keep it? If your master HDD is large enough to take XP AND any new data (once you have partitioned it of course)..is there then any need to blatt the 98 one?

Just a thought.

Alternatively I could go back to my knitting.

Klick klack.


  temp003 03:06 10 Mar 2004

Safest course is as suggested by Powerless - Set new hdd as master, disconnect old hdd (even though not strictly necessary - but safer to disconnect it), install XP on new hdd (choose NTFS file system).

Then reconnect old hdd as slave. You don't need to format the old hdd immediately, but in the long run it's a good idea.

You can have access from XP to any files on the old hdd. When you're happy with XP, copy whatever files you need (such as email, documents) from the old hdd over to the XP hdd, then go into XP's Disk Management, delete the partition on the old hdd, create a new one and format it with NTFS. Then if you want, you can move whatever files back to the old hdd.

  JACC 22:13 10 Mar 2004

To spanneress,
I think i was trying to be too clever wanting to remove W98se , when of course as you say why not just keep it .It won't do any harm and if i like XP , in time i can remove 98 if i want to .Oh and buy they way what cha knitting?

  temp003 06:14 11 Mar 2004

From the sound of things you are going to create a dual boot using XP's installation (98 on master, xp on slave hdd). If so, remember that all your boot files for (including those for XP) will be on the 98 partition (C). Don't remove 98 by formatting C, at least not without backing up your boot files first.

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