2nd Harddisk

  donki 11:41 09 Jul 2009

Hi guys,

My faithful old WD Mybook gave up the ghost at the weekend, I managed to get all the data off it and its on my maindrive. I got a indernal 500GB SATA HD last night and got everything intalled, power cable and cable into the 2nd SATA port.

I formated the HD to a basic drive, I have had a few teething problems like system freezing and sync errors while transfering files from my main drive to my new one. Is this due to some of the files I am transferign being corupted from when my WD Mybook gave up (at the end of its life I got a lot of "bad sector errors" or is there a problem with my set up?

The main use I have for a second drive is for my music, films, photos etc. Bearing this in mind is there a better way I should set the drive up? I dont really hate a clue abour FAT, partitions etc.

Thanks in advance.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:15 09 Jul 2009

It's possible the files got corrupted during the transfer, although Windows is usually quite good at recognising when that happens and gives you a warning. But then if the system was freezing and you were getting errors......
I'm not sure on anyway to recover damaged files at this point without referring back to the old external drive.

If it is still just about working then plug it back in and run chkdsk on it. This may repair enough of it to transfer the files off of it again.

If you've got your new internal drive plugged into a SATA port then all is well. It should really be formatted in NTFS.

  donki 12:54 09 Jul 2009


It is formatted in NTFS and all is good I was wonderign if thats the best was or is there any other way to do it?

I tried chkdsk on the old external one and I got an error about half way through stating that there were "too many corupt files". I didnt lose that much the odd picture in a series or a song in an album, nothign I cant replace thankfully.

My WD Mybook lasted me about 3 years and was used daily, I hope the new internal one lasts longer, its definitely alot faster when accessing it and not near as noisey.

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