To 2nd Hard drive or not to 2nd Hard drive

  KAI 12:53 17 Feb 2005

hi I run XP home with hard drive NTFS file system, I've got a 20gb hard drive from my old computer Fat 32 file system, would it be possible to fit the second hard drive and convert it to NTFS once fitted, or would i not have to do the coversion, it runs ME ,The second computer does not work but the hard drive is ok.

second drive is a Seagate 20gb HD U series 5


  Gongoozler 12:58 17 Feb 2005

Hi KAI. The second hard drive will work perfectly well as FAT 32, but you can convert it to NTFS if you want.

  Yoda Knight 12:59 17 Feb 2005

you dont need to convert it as WinXP reads FAT disks. If you want to convert it after its been installed, you can.

  Gongoozler 13:01 17 Feb 2005

----and this is how to do it click here

  Demonstar_T 13:05 17 Feb 2005

If you do want to covert the 2nd hard drive to NTFS you can just convert it from in Win XP.

Click start - run - type "cmd"
at the flashing cursor type:
convert (type drive letter): /fs:ntfs

for example:
convert d: /fs:ntfs

Hope this helps :)

  Demonstar_T 13:06 17 Feb 2005

Lol, double posting Gongoozler

  Southernboy 13:26 17 Feb 2005

I am awaiting delivery of a new Evesham PC, which will have a hard drive with NTFS.

Much of my backup to be transferred over is on a Maxtor external hard drive which is FAT32. I am told that when the files are transferred to the new PC, XP will automatically convert them to NTFS. Is that correct?

However, when I start to backup the new PC, I will be sending NTFS files to a FAT32 hard drive. Is that a problem?

I know I can reformat the Maxtor to NTFS - it tells me so in the manual - but the reformat will lose previous generations of backup which I wish to keep for the forseeable future.

I never even thought about this, but there must be a solution. Any help will be appreciated.

  FelixTCat 13:58 17 Feb 2005


It is not the files which are in ntfs or fat32 format; it is the file system on the disk, i.e. the way the bytes are stored on and recovered from the disk. WinXP doesn't care which the disk is formatted to - it will read and write them accordingly.

ntfs is marginally better for large hard disks in terms of speed but slower for smaller had disks. It can be more secure if you are running XP Pro on a domain - not usually an issue for home users.

In short, don't worry - connect the drive and keep the existing file system.

(Note: the drive letters may change when attached to different computers, so it can be useful to label the drives)

  Southernboy 14:32 17 Feb 2005

Thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:37 17 Feb 2005

NTFS format actualy wastes less space when storing files.

Also gets round the 32G format problem with FAT.

  KAI 16:50 17 Feb 2005

Hi,first of all thanks to everybody for being so prompt and helping me out, I've fitted the 2nd drive, rebooted and XP recognised it, the orginal hard drive C drive( the one with XP on) was set to cable select so i changed it to master and the old drive to slave now (F) drive.

Should I now format the drive (F) and change to NTFS file format or just delete everything on it ( no further use for the contents)and keep FAT32

I'm woried if I take ME of I'll not be able to use the drive. I've never attempted changing or adding a hard drive before and there is so many different opinions on the subject.

Regards and thanks


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