2nd. hard drive not recognised

  birddog 18:33 29 Sep 2003

since i reformatted my c: drive and reinstalled windows '98 s/e, my second hard drive is not recognised. it shows up when rebooting along with my drive c: and my cd rom drive and it runs it's own bios initialisation[maxtor] but it doesn't show up in dos or windows ,it does show in the f1 setup bios.maxtor are unable to help so far.
can any help?
yours sincerely,
mel shipley

  pepe 18:38 29 Sep 2003

Check your config.sys file for a line that says "Last drive=Z", without quotes, if its not there add save the file and reboot. Also have you formatted the drive, and did you fdisk and create an extended dos partition with logical drives on it.

  wiznyme 18:39 29 Sep 2003

Did you wipe partitions before formatting the C drive.

  plankton 19:10 29 Sep 2003

Follow this thread, and its "click here's", it may help a lot......:o)

  plankton 19:10 29 Sep 2003

Try click here Wot a clutz...;o)

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