shaduf 14:43 02 May 2003

The second hard drive (D) fitted to my Fujitsu Pentium 4 running Windows XP failed the other night. In doing so it removed the system drive (C) and itself from the bios. When I removed the second drive the bios immediately detected the system drive and the computer functions normally without my second drive.
I have today fitted a Western Digital 120Gb as a new second drive. The bios immediately recognised it for what it was and XP shows it in device manager. Windows has not assigned a drive letter to it but has still kept my cd rom drives as E and F and left D unallocated.
I had assumed it would have called the drive D and allowed me to access it in Explorer and format it from there.
Since it hasn’t done that I am lost as to how I format my new drive.
I have looked up previous postings but none seem quite relevant. It must be simple? As everything seems to know it is there.

  LastChip 14:55 02 May 2003

When new drives are manufactured, the manufacturer does not know what machine (or operating system) the drive will be used in. For example; Windows; Linux; Solaris; or what. So, in the case of Windows, you need to Fdisk the drive and format it.

For an excellent tutorial on how to do just that, click here

  LastChip 15:00 02 May 2003

You may find software supplied by Western Digital for preparing the disk for use, easier to use than Fdisk, although, once you are used to it, it is easy enough.

Try Western Digitals site, for more information.

  shaduf 15:39 02 May 2003

Thanks Lastchip.

the PC911 article was interesting but it doesn't mention XP and I don't know where FDISK is in XP if it is there at all.

I've tried the Western Digital site but again the information I require is not mentioned.

  LastChip 16:11 02 May 2003

Once the drive is fdisk'ed, you can use Windows XP to format the drive in your required format.

In order to use fdisk, you need a boot floppy with fdisk on. It's just at the moment, the drive is not partitioned, and therefore, as far as Windows is concerned, doesn't exist.

Any previous Windows 9x start disk, will provide the fdisk utility.

You can download one click here

It seems the Win98se link is down at the moment, but the WinME boot-disk will do.

  cream. 16:58 02 May 2003

All you have to do is right click my computer and pick the manage tab.

In the new window on the left pick disk management. you will now have a new window on the right, C drive will be the first your new drive will be underneath it. Right click in the empty pane and you will find all the commands you want.

hope this helps.

  ellas 18:04 02 May 2003

as village idiot says run diskmgmt.msc,rht click far left in the new drive window,choose initialise then basic storage,once initialised right click in the unallocated space,click create partition,choose either primary or extended,assign drive letter,then type of format and partition size then click finish,if you choose extended rht click and choose logical drive

  LastChip 18:36 02 May 2003

Didn't know that existed in XP. You live and learn! ;-)

  shaduf 21:27 02 May 2003

Thanks everyone - got there in the end and all is now hunky dory. Not really difficult but hopeless if you don't know the answer - bit like "Millionare" I suppose. Nudge, nudge, cough, cough.
Thanks again.

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