2nd Hard disk help

  chugby 11:35 07 Nov 2004

following my last thread click here
have now installed 2nd hard disk
click here

went well, formatted with MaxBlast3 and recognised straight away. Have noticed that only 114GB available out of 120GB. So will probably need overlay software, per LastChip's advise, to recognise drive's full capacity.

Want to partition 2nd hard disk (have purchased partition magic 8) and use part to back up existing master drive (using Acronis TI7).
Just want to double check it is ok to have
an operating system on each drive (WinME),
read an article on this recently but cant find.

  Dorsai 11:52 07 Nov 2004

If you use a backup program to backup to the slave drive, the fact that you have the OS on both drives should not be a problem. The backup prog is likely to both compress and rename the files it backs up.

All my backed up files have been. So setuplog.exe became setuplog.exe.nzd.000

If you do a cut and paste this might cause problems. But as you say you have already got a backup util it should not be a problem.

  chugby 12:10 07 Nov 2004

thanks for reply, all becomes clear now, the Acronis does setup it's own file extn for backups. Went off at a tangent thinking a new system would be installed. cheers

  LastChip 12:18 07 Nov 2004

Your drive sizes are about right.

The difference lays in the fact that Windows and Drive Manufacturers, calculate the sizes differently.

In the computer science world (Windows), 1MB is 1024KB's. However, Drive manufacturers consider 1MB to be 1000KB's, hence the difference.

If you are saying, you will have a compressed backup of your operating system on a separate drive, then there are no problems. Even if you want two different operating systems, that can be done in a couple of different ways, known as dual booting.

  Dorsai 12:40 07 Nov 2004

The only thing to remember is that a backup kept on the PC that it is a backup of is no guard against a really major fault, as this could well take out the whole PC. A local lightning strike that fries your master drive is unlikely to leave the slave untouched. Also a virus may well be designed/written to erase not only the master, but to trash all drives/partitions. A backup on removable media a good idea.

Of course it does make it easy if you just have a minor glitch, and need to get back a file you deleted in error, or if you re-format/re-install to clear the clutter.

  chugby 16:08 07 Nov 2004

re drive size, thought it was a bit strange allowed me to start up without overlay facility.
interesting about file size calculation, saved me a job trying overlay etc.

noticed today Partition Magic has Bootmagic, not readup fully yet, assume this would be dual booting and stops two OpSys working together. Would this work over both drives if necessary? ALso assumed that can run partiton magic from C:drive and partition D:Drive.

thanks for info on backup, have a surge protector + backup on dvdrw (although wasnt happy being reliant on media, only takes one disk to get damaged/corrupted). Made me think though on virus side, TI7 has a secure zone so will set this up on the backup drive + continue dvdrw backups.

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