2nd hand pc...is this any good?

  yllas 10:14 18 Feb 2008

windows xp
I've been offered this at a low cost:
amd athlon 1800+ 1.3ghz processor
266 ram
60gb hdd
dr rw drive and dvd rom drive

the model number was HP Pavillion 7965

at presnt have this:
windows xp
1.25 ghz amd athlon
256 ram
40gb hdd

will the 2nd hand PC perform quicker/more efficiently than my present one?
or will it be a waste of money as its not much of an upgrade?

any advice/help would be much appreciated

  Coupon 10:21 18 Feb 2008

It's virtually identical to the one you already have, so a waste of time really.

  Gongoozler 10:44 18 Feb 2008

My experience is that HP Pavillions are not very good for upgrading. You would benefit more by buying more RAM for your old computer, XP runs much better with 512M RAM, and even better with 1G, above that there is little improvement. You could also buy an 80G hard drive for about £25 which would dramatically improve your storage space.

  €dstowe 10:56 18 Feb 2008

I would never consider a second hand computer unless I knew its pedigree and provenance - even then I would exercise extreme caution.

As has been suggested, spend a bit on add-ons for your current machine, it will be much better for it.

  MAJ 10:57 18 Feb 2008

It depends on how much you are going to pay for it (you haven't said). As a replacement for your pressent PC, it's not really much of an improvement, as has been said already, but with a memory upgrade for both PCs you have the possibility for a nice little network. Maybe one PC upstairs and one downstairs sharing a wireless broadband connection. Make sure, if you are going to buy it, that you get all the disks, including the restore disks.

  wee eddie 11:22 18 Feb 2008

you'll be OK, but it'll not be any different from your present one.

You'd be better off with your present PC, adding 512MB RAM and a simple Graphics Card with 128+MB of RAM. If you go to U-Tube and put "Add RAM" into the Search Box, you will find plenty of Videos to show you how to do the job. Buy the RAM from Crucial.

  yllas 10:43 01 Apr 2008

many many thanks for all your replies and advice.

the PC was going to be £50.00 without monitor and with no disks. So looks like I've saved myself some money. thanks again

  Totally-braindead 11:53 01 Apr 2008

Spend the money on memory for your existing PC, even another 256 mb will make a significant difference. I have to agree with the others in that the PC you were looking at would be approximatly the same as what you already have - you wouldn't notice the difference as its too slight.

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