2nd hand laptops advice please..thankyou

  bof:) 16:22 27 Feb 2003

Hi All,

My sister-in-law is considering purchasing a 2nd-hand laptop.

The details I have been given are as follows:

It will be used to put a large amount of handwritten notes onto. (I assume they will be typed on rather than scanned)

It will not be needed for games.

It may need to be able to transfer the notes to a home PC running windows 98.

Any advice on where to look and what the pitfalls are when looking to purchase a 2nd hand laptop would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


  Pesala 16:43 27 Feb 2003

I wouldn't recommend buying secondhand from Joe Public. There are a lot of stolen laptops about. Also laptops not as robust as Desktop PCs. Any damage you discover after purchase may be too expensive to repair.

Look for at least a 3 month warranty, and operating system. Install Open Office. That should do for most note taking tasks. Hard Drive space is not curcial as long as you don't install loads of software and make do with Windows 98SE or ME.

Morgan Computers: click here

  Pesala 16:46 27 Feb 2003

This one looks ideal. click here

  mikeyb59 17:24 27 Feb 2003

...to be had.

I bought a Dell laptop from E-bay approx a year ago. The machine was only six months old with an unblemished history.

Very, very satisfied.

So long as you use your head and pay by credit card you should have no problem.

For information - I have been in contact with the the seller regarding upgrades with no problems.

Regarding E-Bay, a high positive feedback is a good indication



  pj123 17:37 27 Feb 2003

Give us an idea of what the maximum you want pay for a 2nd hand laptop is?

  bof:) 18:53 28 Feb 2003

Hi All,

thanks for the info, I'll pass it on to my sister-in-law and she can act upon it from there.

pj123 I did try to pin her down to a price but she was unable to give one.

Thankyou all again,


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