Is 2mb Broadband enough to use Skype?

  VNAM75 19:54 14 May 2007

I recently downgraded my cable broadband to 2mb from 4mb. I have actually noticed webpages don't load as fast which is OK.

But when I used Skpe to phone a friend in China, I could be heard very clearly. But I struggled to hear my friend, and the voice was constantly breaking up like a bad telephone connection.

Is this anything to do with 2mb not being sufficient? I am getting around 1.8/1.9 mb downstream in the speed tests.

  mike1967 19:57 14 May 2007


  Legolas 19:57 14 May 2007

I also use skype with a 2mb connection and like you the sound from my friends in Canada is very patchy but I am not sure if it is anything to do with the connection speed.

  Legolas 19:59 14 May 2007

mike1967 It your "yes" yes 2mb is sufficient or yes it is not sufficient?

  Technotiger 20:00 14 May 2007

Hi, your 2mb should be enough - it is not unusual for the sound to break up, sometimes happens when I am talking to someone in UK Midlands, I am in UK Southcoast. Though at most times it is like being in the same room.

  Technotiger 20:02 14 May 2007

PS, I also speak to my son in Lanzarote and to a good friend in Zanzibar, and in Goa. My broadband is just under 2Mb.

  swiss$tony 20:44 17 May 2007

I regularly speak to family in Canada and New Zealand and friends in Dorset(I'm in Staffs) sometimes the connection is fine sometimes the connection is very 'patchy' I think it depends how many people are online. I am on a 2Mb connection with ntl

  Stuartli 23:41 17 May 2007

It's worth checking out the Skype sound settings - surprisingly you have to Mute both Mike settings from the Volume icon.

Using a wsbcam can cause problems and disabling one of them if two are in use can improve the sound considerably, even on a 2MB connection.

  Stuartli 23:43 17 May 2007

>>I have actually noticed webpages don't load as fast which is OK. >>

I'm surprised at that. I've gone from 2MB to "up to 8MB", which is consistently 6 to 6.6MB, and web pages, as anticipated, load in the same time as before.

  baldtaco 01:43 18 May 2007

I've been using it instead of TeamSpeak whilst playing Serious Sam over 20 miles of virtual LAN using 2 meg connection. No problems.

  audeal 02:25 18 May 2007

I talk to my brother in Perth Western Australia each week and all is well. I have a 1MB connection.

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