2gb vs 3bg

  Mary_S 21:35 21 Dec 2008

Dear All,
Just after some advice. I am looking at buying a laptop. First of all I would like to know , is it better to get 2gb or 3gb.
I read somewhere that if the laptop has dual technology it is better to have 2gb rather then 3gb if the 3gb is (2gb + 1gb). If the laptop is 3 gb it should be (1gb+1gb+512mb+512mb). When looking at the specifications given for a laptop it does not state whether it has dual technology.
Could someone advise me on this please, thanks!!

  Technotiger 21:47 21 Dec 2008

I would say go for the 2Gb - there is not that much difference between 2 or 3, that you would notice.

  Mary_S 22:04 21 Dec 2008

I usually do quite alot of multi-tasking hence wanted as much ram as possible.

  Stuartli 22:12 21 Dec 2008

If you are using Vista, go for the maximum RAM allowed (32 bit Vista can normally only see a maximum of 3.5GB using 4GB of RAM).

Using 4GB of RAM if possible, you will have up to 3.5GB available.

  Mary_S 22:13 21 Dec 2008

Hey Stuartli,
How comes you say that? Is that to prevetn Vista crashing on you?

  Technotiger 22:24 21 Dec 2008

For multi-tasking don't just look at RAM - a top-rated CPU should be near the top of your list.

  GaT7 00:58 22 Dec 2008

It's better to have more RAM than less - whether it runs in dual-channel or not. Dual-channel actually makes very little difference.

Most, if not all laptops, come with 2 RAM slots. I'd get the 2Gb laptop - the RAM is most likely to come in 2x 1Gb modules. Assuming it's DDR2 RAM, upgrade one module to 2Gb for £12 click here or click here. Or, both modules for only £24. RAM is the cheapest way to add 'speed'/resources to your PC/laptop.

"How comes you say that? Is that to prevetn Vista crashing on you?" - it sees/utilises only 3.5Gb of 4Gb because of a 32-bit OS limitation. Although, I've heard MS have released a patch where it 'sees' all 4Gb? G

  Stuartli 09:25 22 Dec 2008

This Microsoft article will probably prove of interest:

click here

Patch info re upping 3.5GB limit:

click here


click here

  DieSse 14:47 22 Dec 2008

32-bit Operating systems (Vista and XP versions) cannot utilise all of 4GB because some of the 4GB address space (at the top end) is used by hardware. (note this is not shared RAM used by graphics - that is in addition to address space constraints.)

Generally this means up to 3.5GB of addresses are available, depending on the exact hardware configuration of the system.

Newer motherboards can move these "used" addresses further up when a 64-bit processor and OS are in use. Some older motherboards cannot ever do this, and so are limited to approx 3.5GB whatever the processor and/or software is.

  Mary_S 16:35 22 Dec 2008

Hey Guys!!
Thanks for replying. Im still undecided of what to do. I think ideally I would like to just get a 4GB one but I dont really want to spend more then £500 as I wont be using my laptop too much because i still have a desktop. I think im just going to wait if theres any genuine bargain sales on boxing day from currys pcworld.

  Stuartli 19:36 22 Dec 2008

I'm sure you will be able to find some genuine sales bargains at a wide range of outlets, never mind the two you mention...:-)

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