2D rendering slow.

  dagwoood 22:31 06 Jan 2005

Just installed a new graphics card, a 6600GT AGP, but had noticed it wasn't scrolling as smoothly as my old card(Radeon 9600)and my mouse pointer movement isn't smooth.

Went to pcpitstop to see if it showed anything and my video score is near enough on par with a system that's running with on board graphics!

I've changed my driver(from 66.81 to 66.93)and it's not improved the 2D rendering but has improved my 3D rendering slightly(my 3DMARK03 score seems to be what it should be).

I don't know where to start to look to improve this problem, so has anyone any suggestions please.

Cheers, dagwoood.
P.S.I'm on XP SP2.

  Cook2 22:39 06 Jan 2005

Type dxdiag in the Run and see what that comes up with.

  Cook2 22:39 06 Jan 2005

Type dxdiag in the Run and see what that comes up with.

  dagwoood 22:52 06 Jan 2005

Ran dxdiag and it found no problems.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  gudgulf 00:39 07 Jan 2005

I doubt whether this is the problem,but have a look in the setting for the graphics card.I have recently used a GFx5900 and that ran 2D graphics at much slower clock/memory speed than 3D in order to give the card an easier time when running less demanding 2D applications.I don't think ATI cards do the same as standard so you might have had much better 2D performance with your old card.

Just a thought :o)

  dagwoood 02:42 07 Jan 2005

Thanks for the suggestion, but I can't find anything in the Nvidia display control panel that relates to 2D settings.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  dagwoood 13:27 07 Jan 2005


  PsiFox 14:05 07 Jan 2005

Did you run a driver uninstall program before you uninstalled your old card and drivers.

If not it is likely that there are remnants of the old ATI drivers left which may be conflicting with the new nvidia drivers.

I've always found that with the newer GFX cards a full format and reinstall gives the best results.


  dagwoood 15:01 07 Jan 2005

I originally used the catalyst uninstall tool(after removing the drivers in add/remove programs). I have since ran Driver Cleaner as well, but it hasn't improved the situation.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  dagwoood 22:21 07 Jan 2005

I think 2D rendering is being done without hardware acceleration.

Came to this conclusion after downloading RivaTuner to see if it showed anything anomalous. With this s/w, there's the option to overclock the 2D graphics only, so I upped the speed from the default value of 300 to 375. I then went to pcpitstop and ran the tests again, but there was no improvement in my graphics score!

This leads me to believe that, for whatever reason, hardware acceleration for 2D rendering isn't enabled and my CPU is doing all the donkey work.

I ran the dxdiag tests(again)for direct draw and it past those, so don't think it's a DirectX issue(famous last words ).

Has anyone any suggestions please?

Cheers, dagwoood.

  dagwoood 03:50 08 Jan 2005


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