2600xp cpu will not work on ASUS A7V8X-X MB

  Dave25 23:02 04 Jun 2004

My computer will not run with 2600xp cpu with my asus A7V8X-X MB fitted with 2700 ddr memory. It will run with a 1600xp cpu. Can any one help.

  Totally-braindead 23:09 04 Jun 2004

When you say it won't run, do you mean that when you install the new cpu it won't even start or do you mean it crashes? Do you get any bleeps from the PC speaker?

  Dave25 23:20 04 Jun 2004

What I mean is that it will not start up and juat goes straight to the bios set up and thats it.

  Totally-braindead 23:25 04 Jun 2004

Have you set the multiplier for your computer correctly or does this motherboard do this itself, I've no experience of this mainboard myself you see.

  124UL 23:27 04 Jun 2004

In the bios setup what speed are you trying to run the 2600+

Is it a thorghbred 266Mhz, 333Mhz or a barton cpu?

  124UL 23:29 04 Jun 2004

The multiplier is automatic on this board. If you try to run the cpu at a higher fsb it will automatically take you to the bios setup, saves having you to reset the cmos jumper.

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